Saturday, 23 March 2013


Time seemed a thick blanket.

There was a strange feeling difficult to define.

IT tried to relive the last hours of the energy under its control, but could not remember much, surely IT must have been drugged, IT didn't know, but was what the grapevine brought while he was on detention.

IT found himself standing in the middle of a ray of light, IT could barely see a high bench occupied by grim figures. IT could not remember why he was here, the drug was taking hold of its sentience.

The man sitting in the middle of the bench said in a deep voice: "IT, you are hopelessly ungovernable, your felonies surpass all our standards"

Who is ungovernable?, IT cannot put two thought together to follow the accusation.

"Your last felony was outrageous, there is no way to find a gap to start thinking on forgiveness."
"The next step is much to our reluctance to be pronounce as your condemn to Death.
There is a great sorrow in this act, so this Tribunal takes care to delay your condemn by 79 years."

Condemn to Death? but it is impossible! and a delay of 79 years... years!, what is the meaning of this sentence?

Meanwhile the sentience of IT was losing ground and IT was having a kind of unconsciousness, IT was retreating more and more into oblivion.

The las words IT heard were:"let the sentence be executed."

IT slept profoundly!


The light of the clinic were very bright. Mr Brown was nervously sitting in the waiting room. He alternately paced the room and leafed through the old magazines on the table, but with scarce interest.

In that moment Dr. Cassi entered the room with a grin in his face, and said:

Congratulations Mr. Brown, you are the happy dad of a robust male child!
Mother and child are in excellent conditions, it is sure the boy will live many years!

We are listening to a fragment of "Condemnation" by Red Faction Guerrillla performed by Dan Wentz & George Oldziey, then the laughing of a little baby.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. I must say, 79 years is quite a long life span, thanks to the delay of the sentence. It is said that one's fate is already determined much earlier even before walking on this earth.

    Od, I like this tale which keeps me in suspense until the second part of it. How interestingly the tale is written that put readers in two different situations. I keep thinking!

    Congrats to Mr Brown and Congrats to you, too! :)

    1. The human span of life is a mystery embedded in the White Shamrock Book, sometimes it seems there is a long time of life for us, but I have the feeling that we should get more.

      The tale scared me, in the beginning I felt we are helpless in the hands of stern forces that rule our actions, and finally I think the punishment is too high!

      Thank you! Mr Brown should be happy with his son, even if it is a goon from other life!

      And I am happy to read your kind words!

    2. Now, I feel terrorized! You know what? In the first place, I had wanted to say, one's death gives life to another; this is the case of what's happening in two different "mysterious" worlds. I was thinking of reincarnation that the bad deed of the previous life is replaced with a good one in another. But then again the sentence had been pronounced. That's why I said I keep thinking!

      And I'm still thinking! But, Od, you have enlightened me. Much thanks! :)

    3. If we realized, really realized, the deepness of the hollow our species have fallen, we would be terrified.

      Fortunately, there is no way for our useless intelligence to measure the real evil we live in.

      This is why I cannot feel that reincarnation would help in this situation. The change of personality is not enough to iron out some creases made during a lifetime.

      From this tale, we can infer the entity accused has rejected all possibilities to make right his wrongs in its own environment, then it is diverted to another dimension, which can be considered as a punishment. Which brings thoughts as to what is our dimension regarded as by other places! :)

      Keep thinking, BB! :))))

  2. very interesting to read about the birth from the child's perspective.
    Reminds me of the book "Oversoul Seven" (if you haven't already read it, please do! I'm sure you'll love it! such an awesome, extraordinary story!) where a soul describes its feelings when betaking itself into a human body. It feels kinda strange and incongruous...but that's how life is and feels I guess;-)

    1. Thank you for finding interesting this tale.

      My tale has a soft smell about transmigration, the core of it is, it is incomplete (It may develop into a novel :) . Questions arise:

      What is this dimension, where does it exist?

      Why send criminals to our dimension?

      Why the delay?

      After the 79 years, what?

      While the book of Jane Roberts is a complete story about the possible way things can happen. She is a wonderful author, you honored me thinking of her great work from my small contribution!

      Thank again!!

  3. An interesting tale till the end , it shows the two sides of life .
    Ending is superb , great job OD ;)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      I am glad you found interesting my little tale.

      The last sentence is what makes all this little horror more human. :)