Tuesday, 21 April 2009


He leaves the cave and observes the vegetable garden deteriorating.
His wife is very busy attending the new child, just born a few days before, and he must hunt if they want to eat.
Everything will rot in the garden! What could he do?!

Looking around he sees one of his neighbors who lives under the big ferns trying busily to get some limp, almost withered leaves of wild lettuce. Poor man! he has no dwelling place nor even a decent morsel to keep him alive... What if...?

He approaches the poor man and offers him to share a daily coleslaw and some meat in exchange for tending the garden.
The man accepted.

Proletariat had been born!

The music is a fragment of the song "Which Side Are You On" composed by Florence Reece and performed by Peter Seeger.

© 2009 Od Liam.