Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Why, Mom?

Why is it, Mom, why is it?
That the mosquito bite and then it flit?
I do not know, Johnny, I do not know,
Maybe because its profile is low!
Then, Mom, why is it?
That it buzz at night when the room is unlit?
I do not know, Johnny, I do not know!
Maybe it thinks is a musician, and has a big ego,
Then Mom, why is it...?
Enough, Johnny, stop asking a bit!
But Mom, if I don't ask with big concern,
How can I all these things learn?

The music is a popular and loosely translated Spanish children song "Rice Pudding with milk" (Arroz con Leche) by an unknown author..

© 2013 Od Liam.

Hereby and publicly I declare this is just a coincidence and it is not my intention to compete with the blog "Easy Way (A Blog For Children) by Aunt Mary. Signed Od Liam. 

Monday, 25 February 2013


The last sunbeams were running fast into the horizon...

Opening the eyes he felt an immense vacuum that seemed to inhabit his feverish mind.

The sticky taste was around his mouth and  extended far into the throat, it was primary over all other feelings.

The uncomfortable well being, was a surprise. Everything was there, he was complete but... dissatisfied. Thirst was unbearable.

As a flash an image crossed his mind and disappeared; the beast has attacked so suddenly there was not time to think. Surely it was the memory of a nightmare.

He tried to move the body, and it was so easy that it seemed he was already in the new position when it arrived there.

Strange sensation.

He moved, or better, he slid into the bathroom, put the light on and looked into the mirror.

The mirror reflected nothing!

The music is a fragment of the Vampire Song "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Friday, 22 February 2013

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Thank you Aunt Mary by your nominating me by the second time, this one to so beautiful award!

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award is a serious thing!

That I admire and love Aunt Mary Blog goes without saying, if you do not know the blog

                                         VISIT IT NOW (And I mean now!) :)

 The Rules:-
1. Nominate other bloggers for the award and link back to them. Difficult task!
2. Link back to the blogger who nominated you and thank them. need technical skill
3. Post the award logo on your page. Easy...  isn't it?
4. Share 7 facts about yourself. Ha! seven more than some blogs back, of course!

Seven Facts about me:

1.- I am handsome! (well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what have you to say?)
2.- I like swans, black swans, they remind me of "The lake of the Swans" (What else?) :)
3.- I like brunettes, well, also blonde, redheaded, and everyone who is not a male!
4.- I do not like guns, rifles, and arms in general. I do not know which side must aim to the foe!
5.- I wouldn't kill myself whatsoever the reason, but in the occurrence of the situation, since one never can predict the future, I will use a cannon; I want everybody to know (and hear) about the event.
6.- Each time I start typing on my laptop, I lose a big time looking for my right hand, no way! it seems  I have two left hands!
7.- I feel utmost happy when a custom clerk, greets me by my name while I approach the counter, that makes me World Citizen. Silly, ain't it?!!

My Nomination For The Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Walking in the woods

An amazing blog by Fahima Ayub, which loneliness in the selection speaks of its excellence

The music is a fragment of " Fever" composed by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, who used the pseudonym John Davenport, performed by Peggy Lee

© 2013 Od Liam.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Moon Requiem

Dawn walked into the day with the usual sure radiance.

Light was an irreducible master about to take control.

The last tendrils of nights imagined a small and losing battle against the hordes of minute points of brilliance that were coming by myriads into the space, but it was just a figment of imagination, there was not manner to stop the glory of the day. 

They retreated letting the dark overgarment that concealed the indistinct bluer tint of every inch of  the sky cede into the light blue of the new day, followed by night creatures looking for their lair to protect them until the new night opened its doors to darkness .

Only the Moon resisted these last moments of life, calling her ultimate efforts to help her vanish in a regal requiem holding her memory till the next moment when Light will be lost under the always impartial horizon.

Her last sparks gleamed with the splendor of the goddess that she is...

The music is "Moon Requiem" composed and performed by Zero-Project.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Word City

Once upon a time there existed, and still exists now, somewhere, a place where the mist hides the long vision, and near where the horizon can be touched with the hand, a kingdom which, odd as it may seem took the name of Lexicon.

Sitting in the middle of the land covered by the realm is the Capital City called a bit unoriginally "Word City" which is full of inhabitants stable and transient.

Some years ago, in this varicolored place, resided two Words friends, taking advantage of the most
beautiful building of the city, surrounded by happiness, and every thing they need.

They were the word GOOD and the word IRENIC, they have found a similar trait in them, so they become friends and enjoyed their relationship.

One day IRENIC came back to her house, and she found in her mail a blue envelope with the City Hall seal that crushed her heart! In this mail the Major informed her that due to relevant regulations valid at the time she was to be evicting from the dwellings in beautiful places of the city and it was
imperative for her to leave the place carrying all her belongings and moved to the slums that surrounded the city.

IRENIC tried to tell GOOD of her predicament, but she found out that she was prevented to access to any way of communication and there was only the way to the slums opened to her. In a few moments she had become a pariah of the society. Without power to change her destiny, IRENIC was waning into oblivion, and she was not totally forgotten because there are some dictionaries that still list her. But it is just a question of time for her total vanishing.

When GOOD realized IRENIC could not be found in her house, she went to all the places where it was possible her friend could be, but when she could not find a trace of her, she decided to go to the City Hall to ask for the search of a lost word.

She was sent from office to office until a very formal civil agent informed her that since there was so few persons that used the word IRENIC in the normal language, and in the determination to keep downtown of Word City uncluttered, the law ordered that those word with no use were deported to the slums of the city to be forgotten, unless they were lucky enough to be brought back in use again.

GOOD tried to reason with the civil agent asking him to give her the new address of her friend, but we all know what a civil agent is, he was very 'helpful' but could not give GOOD any 'help' since the law enforced the erasure of all things belonging to those words destined to exile and loneliness. There was a coded number in the Main Computer that could be used only in case the word was retrieved from her expulsion.

Finding herself helpless to change this situation, she sat to think a way to help her sister and an idea came to her mind:

She would write a letter and put it in Internet, so everybody could read it. Maybe, just maybe, it could help.

This is the letter:

Dear users of internet in our language, I beg of you to make the effort of learning the greatest number of words you possibly can, and that you use them many, many times a day. This will help to relieve a very huge pain to our words that become forlorn expression without your help, and are condemned to oblivion in the most dire place of the world.

Since then, this note can be found everywhere in places of English speaking people, looking for supporter for this good cause to alleviate a painful and unnecessary exile.

Please, join us in this crusade.

The music is "Alone" written and  performed by Kenny G.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Oh, poverty!

The trendy lady was coming my way, it was a good opportunity to ask for alms.

I essayed some smiles staring at me in the shop window of the bake store, looking for one that she could find likable.

As my Grandma always tells me: "Child, you cannot catch flies with vinegar."

I am not sure I understand, but if flies are like me, surely they do not drink vinegar, if vinegar is that water put together with oil on the table.

When she was at my side, I spoke with a firm voice (Grandma tells not to be plangent when asking because that makes people reject you, I do not know the exact meaning, but it seems we must not cry in public), so I spoke with a firm, but underprivileged voice. This I have rehearsed with Grandma, and she was satisfied.

"Can you help me with some coins to buy food, madam?"

Looking down at me from her breastwork of furs, she said:

"Food?". "Is it that you have not breakfasted today?"

"Oh, yes madam", I answered civilly (Grandma advice again), "I drank two cups of tea made with the little bags that Mr. Watson gave us the day before yesterday and we are using since then". I informed her so she could see we are not in total hardship.

The woman arched her made up eyebrows, and while she let drop some coins in my hand, murmured:

"Tea cups..., used tea bags..., What a world!!" Then she seemed to think something and with a brightening face advised me:

"Child, tell your mother", ( the poor thing did not know my Mum is buying some vegetable since two years now, we have no news about her, but we are not worried, she will come back as soon as she finds whatever green she is looking for), "tell your mother to give you a good T-bone with smashed potatoes, instead of tea. It is more nourishing!"

Why people insist in saying words I do not understand?

Several days afterward I saw the furred lady again, I found her just turning a corner, when she saw me, she stopped and asked me:

"Have you eaten T-bones and smashed potatoes, this morning?"

Trying not to disappoint her, I answered politely: "Yes, madam!"

She looked doubtful and asked: "How many?"

This time, doing what Grandma says about always telling the truth, I answered:

"Two cups...!"

The music is a fragment of "End of Love".

© 2013 Od Liam.

Friday, 8 February 2013


Silence in Paradise bears out its vacuity.

The Fire Sword at the Entering Gate prevents the coming back of the old dwellers.

A century and another century must go by during seven aeons and one aeon before the dream ends and humankind in its own essence leaves the exile of Reality.

And by that time when Adam pronounces the name Eve, there will be not the echo of «Lilith» in his soul.

© 2013 Od Liam.

"Adam, Eve and the serpent", picture from the XV Century.
"Adam and Eve Evicted from Paradise", by Gustave Doré.
Pietro Mascagni, Cavalleria rusticana - "Intermezzo"

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Liebster Award

Undeserving prizes as I am, I had the heart-warming surprise of receiving two mentions! The first one from Aunt Mary. Thank you Auntie! Here it is:

But this distinction has rules:

The rules

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer.
3. Choose people and link them in your post.
4. Go tell them!

Now for Auntie questions:

 1. What is your birthplace?
Incredible enough it is an island called Gozo  (meaning Joy in Spanish)
    and a little village called Zebbug (meaning Olives), all this in Malta

2. What is your nickname?


3. What is your favorite picnic spot ?
Ramla Bay, Gozo. (Not the only one)

4. When did you get scared last time?
When the Cessna I was travelling in went down!

5. What is your favorite color?


6. Do you want to go to moon?

No, I am already there!

7. Who is your favorite comedian?


8. What do you prefer...A long drive or A wonderful dinner?

A wonderful dinner...  I have (had) too many long drives!

9. Which is your favorite movie?

The Deer Hunter   (It is hard, very hard if you want to know)

10. Are you happy with your life?

Of course, it is the one I created.

11. What do you think about me?

 I do not think, I feel you are a wonderful person. And I am good at feelings! 

 Random things about me for Auntie:

Lone and lonesome
Having a mind and a brain separated
I love Winter
My best friends are ghosts, angels, and elves
Writing tales is a compulsion
Poetry puts me upside down
I like to be hugged by beautiful women
I do not like noisy environment
I love Opera (Oh well, nobody is perfect!)
The smell of old oak triggers melodies in my mind, but not in my brain.

This is the second award:
Now for the 3 Heads in the Clouds questions:

 1)What's your sign?
     One with the thumb and the forefinger extended, all others bend over the hand palm!  he he he, look for the two plates!

 2)Tea or coffee?

 3)Do you have hairy feet?
     My feet are from noble origin, they are pristine, spotless.

 4)What have you dreamt last night?
      About little hands telling me tales in sign language.

 5)If you could change one thing about this world, what would it be?
     Eve's Apple; maybe by a laptop.

 6)Describe yourself with one word.
     Outstanding   (upright in the yard).

 7)If you were a superhero, which powers would you like to have?
     Time controlling.

 8)What's the best smell in the world?
      Morning chocolate at a Gstaad cottage.

 9)Do you like to watch yourself in the mirror?
     I try, but always find a strange in there!

10)What's the weirdest word you know?
      I   (and it goes uppercase in the bargain).

11)Are you really from planet Earth?
      Depends on what you call Earth.

 Random things about me for 3 Heads in the Clouds:

Useless but not verifiable.
Wishful Writer, in search of the "ful".
Pseudo-Poet lost in Poetryland .
Owner (?) of an imp called Elf.
Wind shrub with no roots.
Never mind my brain.
Love Mystery, like this in uppercase. 
I am searching every pit on Earth looking for Truth (It lives in a pit, you know)
I am bewitched by Schubert's  Unfinished (Unvollendete) Symphony (It has so many possibilities!).
None of the above. 

Before disclose nominates let's display the questions to be answered:

 1) What justify your existence?
 2) What colour is your time?
 3) Have you found your soul?
 4) What does the word LOVE mean to you?
 5)  If a "rose" would not be called so, what name you think would be appropriated?
 6) Why the feet fingers have not names, and they are collectively called "toes"? 
 7) Do you know the names of Cinderella's sisters
 8) Where is the Dead Sea, or you didn't know when it was even sick? 
 9) Do you think ewes are promiscuous?  
10) How does salt taste?
11) Do you think life on Earth was a serendipity? 

And last but not least, the most difficult decision... always plagued by thoughts of leaving out some of the deserving bloggers, but there must be a breaking point.

In the hope of keeping the playing sense, WE (Elf and I) nominate: 

Christy & John, their blog Περί Αλός is a masterpiece of Greece naval history, even if you must translate it to English.

Miles Dethings, also an outstanding blog, even if you must translate it from Spanish!

Balqis, awesome blog full of deep thoughts in the form of poetry and Haiku

Rum-Punch-Drunk, owner of a quirky mind to find subjects to discuss with her readers, unique and special blog!

Kleopatra, a special blog full of ideas and opinions with the bonus of letting the readers to write their own feelings.

Dan Bonser, Eclectic, interesting and funny blog, do not let it pass! 

Moonomo, Haiku, Limericks and a fresh way to share important or not too important subjects .

Thank you to all involved in this project! I didn't try to bother anyone, please try to be lenient with "us" if I failed in my trying!

This is it!   (And way too much!!)

The music is a fragment of "Second Waltz" composed by Dmitri Shostakovich, performed by the Andre Rieu created waltz-playing Johann Strauss Orchestra.

© 2013 Od Liam.