Saturday, 30 March 2013

Inflation monster

This guy who lived in Manila,
Used to have a wonderful villa,
But despite all his gumption,
Couldn't fight against inflation,
and was gobbled up by Godzilla.

We are listening to a fragment of "Dies Irae" from Mozart's "Requiem".

© 2013 Od Liam.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Alienated humans

Lighting storm
Dark clouds hovered on the horizon where the sky touched the sea.

My bay windows looking over the cliffs, showed a looming storm, and the purple sky over the hills behind my yard were sad and unpromising.

The atmosphere was oppressive, sometimes this place of beauty in the world I choose to live seems to find happiness in wrapping itself into obscure promises of dismal feelings.

I sat on the wing sofa and lit the lamp on the table, ready to read a strange book, professedly written by a man named Francesco Colonna, not clear if he was a Venetian, or a Roman citizen, and subject to a hard debate about the reason this mysterious man wrote a book with the name of Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, (the
closest translation would be "Poliphilos strife of Love for Poli in a Dream") which tried to pass as a love story but is so gory that it was doubted that was the real reason. So much so that the first complete English translation appeared in 1999, five hundred years after the original text was printed.

I barely reached the state of open the hard cover of the book when fast steps, almost running, were heard in my mind. I closed the book and "entered" the hall that led towards the main Archive and I found Elf just a few paces from me, shaking a little book, in utmost excitation, approaching me as fast as he could.

"There", he said, "just wait and listen to this wonderful book about the Sibyl of Delphi who talks about you humans with an exceptional accuracy, this was brought to me by Fle from a mind Archive not mentioned."

"Now, wait Elf", I started, but I only started. Elf interrupted me and told me to shut up and listen.

Then he started to recite from memory the following, while he used the little book as a baton conducing a big orchestra.

From the shadows came the opaque voice of the sibyl:

"Watch around you, humans!"

"You are only small vessels that sail in the foggy sea of reality.
Some of you are decorated with colored lights, banners and pennants,
others with only position lights, and others yet, with no signals
at all. Sometimes you come so close one of another that you think
you can send messages to the other vessels.

"You send signals from your deck. Poor, sad, frenetic signals sent
 from your deepest loneliness. There!, there are answers! Oh, finally
you have communicated!... But have you?

"Close, you were so close! but you cannot board that other vessel, ever!

Never will 'know' who dwell in that deck!

"Why are you so alienated?"
"What is the reason of this harsh exclusion?"
"How would it be to share other people feelings and beliefs?"
"How learn what 'red' means, really means, in their minds?"

And, moreover:

"Why you cannot do anything to change it?"

"Have you asked those questions?"

"Of course not!"

"You are satisfied with the consolation of 'friendship', 'understanding', 'companionship' and the poor parody of that you call 'love': hugs, kisses, and being close to another being... but never close enough!"

"Grieve, humans!..."   "You suffer, and you do not know, not are concerned WHY!"

"And so  will be until the time of the end of the spell is reached."

Elf made a small silence and solemnly, almost pompously, turned around and got lost in the archive.

I was taken aback so deeply, it took me some minutes to recover.

Was this a real story or this darned imp was just pulling my leg?

I will never know until the time of the end of the spell is reached!!

I feel like bellowing: Himmeldonnerwetter!

I am still waiting for another conjunction of dark weather to read the Hypnerotomachia, I feel it is not for reading in a cheerful atmosphere! My only hope is Elf let me do it!

We are listening to Jean Micault, in piano, playing Chopin's Waltz Opus 64.
The Sibyl is a picture by Francesco Ubertini circa 1525

© 2013 Od Liam.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I do hate it very deeply,
because it moves me so!
Grips tight, do not let go,
values my soul so cheaply,
turns me in a way so bleakly.
It flatters me, my soul dilate
It always tempts me to overrate,
my truth, and my rights,
my reason, and my might!,
that's the reason I hate, HATE.

We are listening to a fragment of "A time for Us" from the Phantom of the Opera written by Andrew Lloyd Weber, and played by Georges Davidson.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Time seemed a thick blanket.

There was a strange feeling difficult to define.

IT tried to relive the last hours of the energy under its control, but could not remember much, surely IT must have been drugged, IT didn't know, but was what the grapevine brought while he was on detention.

IT found himself standing in the middle of a ray of light, IT could barely see a high bench occupied by grim figures. IT could not remember why he was here, the drug was taking hold of its sentience.

The man sitting in the middle of the bench said in a deep voice: "IT, you are hopelessly ungovernable, your felonies surpass all our standards"

Who is ungovernable?, IT cannot put two thought together to follow the accusation.

"Your last felony was outrageous, there is no way to find a gap to start thinking on forgiveness."
"The next step is much to our reluctance to be pronounce as your condemn to Death.
There is a great sorrow in this act, so this Tribunal takes care to delay your condemn by 79 years."

Condemn to Death? but it is impossible! and a delay of 79 years... years!, what is the meaning of this sentence?

Meanwhile the sentience of IT was losing ground and IT was having a kind of unconsciousness, IT was retreating more and more into oblivion.

The las words IT heard were:"let the sentence be executed."

IT slept profoundly!


The light of the clinic were very bright. Mr Brown was nervously sitting in the waiting room. He alternately paced the room and leafed through the old magazines on the table, but with scarce interest.

In that moment Dr. Cassi entered the room with a grin in his face, and said:

Congratulations Mr. Brown, you are the happy dad of a robust male child!
Mother and child are in excellent conditions, it is sure the boy will live many years!

We are listening to a fragment of "Condemnation" by Red Faction Guerrillla performed by Dan Wentz & George Oldziey, then the laughing of a little baby.

© 2013 Od Liam.


Since our last spat, I had not heard Elf doing his "job" in my mind. Just then I was nor worried, I thought he was undoing some things in revenge, or maybe creating some others, but as time went by I started to be apprehensive, and decided to investigate a little bit, what was going on in my mind.

If you follow the last paragraph you will infer I am not too often into my mind,but it is not so, I use my mind superficially, as everybody else, and Elf is part of those inner places where most of us are reluctant to enter fearing whatever there is in there, which is nonsense as Elf told me, since the most interesting things about ourselves are stored in those archives. But I digress!

I decided to investigate, I wrote, and after a good rest chilling my being by looking the cliffs and the sea from my bay window, I entered the hall that lead into my inner sanctum, there was a kind of eerie silence so I tiptoed toward the entrance door. I was near it when I realized I was tiptoeing in my own mind.

"This is ridiculous!", I though, and started to walk normally entering the first stowing room.

It was dim in there, I used to keep the ceiling skylight open until Elf decided that it was dangerous because I may "receive" too much information from the "beyond", whatever that is, and make me "know" things it is better not know, following his own words. So he closed it, and open the thing whenever he think it is needed. I assumed it was a whim of him trying to look mysterious, so I let him master the place. It is easier that to keep following the imp in his capers.

So I walked around a bit until I was sure the room was empty of Elf, and passed to the next, with the same outcome, so I got down the stairs to the lower room and I heard an indistinct rumor of people speaking at a small patch of light on my right.

I followed my nose towards the conversation and turning a corner of a box with  pictures from the Aleutians Island, and I found a lighted spot where several boxes make a makeshift stage and Elf in a disguise of the King Lear was declaming his word to a small little girl-elf who looked enrapture to my goblin.

I was stunned, flabbergasted, astonished, astounded, amazed, surprised, knocked out, stupefied...  the works!!!

Another Elf in my mind, without my being asked if I would like it, and a girl in the bargain!

In that moment Elf saw, or "sensed" me and stopping in his a allocution, looked at me and pronounced his already old phrase:

"Ah, There you are!, we were waiting for you!"

"How come?", I asked, showing my confusion, "and if I didn't come?"

"Oh, you would!" the goblin said, "sure as fate!"

I decided not to ask how can he be so sure, his answer would increase my confusion, I know that by experience.

I said: "What are you doing here, in MY mind and with no previous notice?!"

"Ha, ha, ha, ha!" they laughed in armony.

"Your mind?!, but don't you know that no human being is owner of anything after the bite to the...  ejem ?!"

He stopped speaking when he saw the warning look in the girl-elf face, and told her: "Well I told you it is not important what we say, he will never follow us into the mystery".

"Anyway", the voice of the girl-elf was a mixture of silky cloth and golden embroidery. "Anyway, it is not our place to disclose the mysteries", she blinked once and I felt a rush of fresh air pass on my face, or maybe I just imagine it!

"Well!", I resignate places, "what are you doing here, anyway?!"

"Last time we had a fight", Elf was talkative, maybe he was showing off for the girl, "I decided to go to my native town to discharge all the negative feelings, so I went over there and walking the Camellia Avenue to dispose a bit of my anger,

"I was blessed to find my cousin here, by the way her name is Fle. We got talking and I felt so good I invited her to see your uncommon naivety. She is managing a psychological guild so she was delighted to "feel" a bit of "reality" by herself.

"Your cousin, my foot, is it that a room in a hotel in your town is so expensive as to make you use my mind as a love nest"!? Oh, I know, I was being peevish, but I was really annoyed by this intrusion, and was trying to annoy Elf!

"What are you talking about? You little perverted human mind! We Elves are born by the soft dew on the Cyclada leaf during the Spring Feast! we do not need all that base play you human needs to get an offspring!"

"Oh, yea!" I said, still angry, but a bit taken aback by this remonstration, "and she is called Fle, that is Elf backwards, you do not have imagination!"

"The one without imagination is you, my dear dumb friend," Elf didn't seem angry at all, If I give you her real name, or mine, for that effect, you will be so confused you will never finish to pronounce it!"

While we were interchanging this words, Fle came near me, and climbing a cartoon filled with expressive nouns near me, stood looking deep into my eyes. She rested her nose on mine. I felt the world rock, there was a strong sense of well-being while she was in contact with my skin, and I was caressed by her eyelashes.

She looked to Elf and said: "It is not fair my dear Elf, it is true you received the most dumb human being for custody, while we must struggle with real monsters, most of the time didn't deign to accept our existence in their mind at all!"

"But now that you have proved you point I must go to my host, she is the most inexperienced, green, sassy, and impertinent urchin they could find, I am already doubting I could put her in her rails, but you know our baas never accept a no as answer!"

"Ah!", I terciate in the conversation, they were not to ignore me!, "so you come from South Africa, your word for boss (baas) discovers you!"

After looking at me for a long time, Fle turned to Elf and say almost with pity:

"Elf, sometime explain him we are Universal and know everything created that can be seen or not seen on Earth."

With that she turned, blow a kiss toward me, creating a whole goose flesh body in my person. Kissed Elf and walked to the dark side of the wall losing herself, who knows where.

"Ain't she a gem?!" asked Elf. He was agog with his "cousin" and forgot Grammar,as all of you know.

I could not answer. I am still trying to cope being the most naive human being on Earth, and trying to assimilate those deep violet eyes that study me while caresses mine with their eyelashes.

I do hope to see little Fle again!

We are listening to a fragment of Celtic Music: "Spirit of the Wild" by BrunuhVille.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The story of a bee

I met this bee from Lahmey,
Who wanted to have lots of money,
The Good
She approached a goff,
who seemed well off,
But he wanted too much honey.

The Ugly

The Bad
Neither the Ugly nor the Bad characters were the goff mentioned in the Limerick. Mainly because they are not well off! They represent the music in the post!

We are listening to a fragment of the the main melody of the film "The Good, the Ugly, and the Bad (Il bueno, il brutto e il cativo) by Ennio Morricone.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dreaming pains

Dream walks its luxuries,
Fountain of Dreams
of whole lies, or half truths.
A Sun averse to shine,
handle the naked desires,
and in nights of lesser moons,
snatches those feeble affections,
cuddled in dreamlike texture.
Wake up, poor soul,
and let the shapeless dream,
dissolve into realities.

We are listening to a fragment of the song "Devant la TempĂȘte" by Vadim Kiselev.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Friday, 15 March 2013


I was walking the Garden of Life under the soft light of endearment, feeling the smooth soil seep into my skin and communing with Nature when Amiel came down from the shining footstool of the Throne.

Spreading a white radiant smile, the spirit addressed to me saying: "Why you walk away through one of the best gift you, humans, have been presented with since Creation, and do not pay attention nor homage to its charm and beauty?"

Surprised by this remonstration I stopped my walk and looking around could see the beautiful sight Amiel refers to.

On a heart shaped flower bed to my right I could see a special arrangement of flowers following a marvelous pattern.

"See", Amiel whispered in the heavenly voice all these creatures express themselves:

"You can see young women up to their 30th birthday, there on the upper part of the heart shaped bed represented by the Wallflowers that crowned it, full of strength, sweetness, and candor, and that spread their aroma giving sweet scent to the beginning of life"

"Just next to Wallflowers, you can see Jasmines, from 30 to 40, women are those jasmines of life, exhaling the purity of a perfume that surround everything with the power of feminine beauty".

"Next, from 40 to 50, you see the Roses, here women are magnificent, bedazzling the world with their loveliness, scent, and exquisite presence"

"Then there are Orchids, from 50 to 60, women are unique and perfect, one of a kind, there is a special touch of life in each one of them."

"Following is the place of Blue-Bells, from 60 to 70, giving frame, color, and joyfulness to the space they fill with their sweet soft aroma"

"From 70 to eternity, they are Violets giving scent with their humble love and experience, bringing bright life to the rest of the World."

 "There are no better present than these wonderful beings, full of beauty and life, and owners of the miraculous gift of giving life, which only they share with the Creator!

I could not suppress an awesome feeling when Amiel pointed to all these wonderful things we do not see clearly even if we have them in front of our eyes!

The Feminine Royalty is neither defined nor closed into any definition, they are the next thing close to God in the Universe.

Thank you for letting me tell you all how much I love you, women, our face in Infinity!

We are listening to a fragment of the the Flower Duet from the Opera "Lakme" by Delibes, and Elina Garanca, mezzosoprano, and Anna Netrebko, soprano, singing.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Elf, and the Limerick

I was making a bit of housekeeping in my mind, filing incomplete works with a label for future reference, archiving older sentences and deleting some of them trying to keep a semblance of order in the organizer, though it is a losing game when Elf comes and starts rummaging around looking for who knows what!

I was trying to keep straight the spelling of a long word, one of those words that Elf brings up when he is in the mood of boasting his knowledge of the language but that usually are not good to be put in any paragraph. Those words are only useful as bookends in the archive!

Elf, well, as he sees himself
I was lost in my work when lo!, at my left elbow appears the face of the imp while he bellowed in his shrill voice:

"Ah!, here you are! How does it feel to think you are a superior being!!?"

"What!?" I asked lamely. It seems that this darn gnome has the knack to take me unawares and always my responses to his challenges are foolish and awkward!

"Oh, do not look at me blankly, you know very well what I am referring to"

"No, I don't", I said putting my mind-foot down and gaining strength. "And what's more, I don't care!"

"Ha!, His Lordship, does not care!", answered Elf mimicking my mind-voice. "I want to know what are you going to do if I wreak havoc in this frightful mind of yours". He said it in a very serious and enraged face. So much so that I was frightened he would make true his threat in that very moment!

"Now, now", I tried my most convinced conciliatory voice. "Why are you so angry?, see, I want to listen to your complain!. Please, believe me, I do not know what are you talking about"

"I do not know what are you talking about", mimicked he again, but I could see that the red edge of his pointed ears were going slowly purple showing he was being mollified... at least for the time being.

"OK, if you do not know, said Elf venomously, I will enlighten you!": Where have you found that exists a Fairyland where my cousins live happily forever"?

"Ah", as you see I was very confused, still. 'Ah' is not a good answer to Elf's question! With a great effort I could put my brain to work and said lamely: "There are fairy tales that speak about a Fairyland, isn't it?" Well, I know it was not better but I was regaining control of my neurons slowly.

"As you said, there are fairy tales! Not real tales! No one of my cousin would accept to live in a... Fairyland!" He pronounced the last word with something very close to disgust.

"But that is the least disrespect you show, you call "me", "ME!!", an "Elfie"!!! and you pretend that I wanted to be a 'man'."

"Of everything created on this Universe, 'man' is the last thing any Elf, who respects himself, would want to be!"

"And... and", he seemed to be drown by a deep rage, "you pretend that I went looking for a witch!"... "A witch!" "And a clumsy one, at that!"

He inhaled deeply and lowered his voice: "What do I need a witch for?!" "Ain't I an elf!?" "Don't you know?!, we elves, are sorcerers by right, and good ones! We do not need no inept witches to do our work!! (Remember Elf tends to lose his Grammar when angry).

"And to add insult to injury, I ended as a chimpanzee leading a musical band!!!, with a picture to be sure there is no mistake!".

The edges of his pointed ears started to glow red again, so I hurried to find a way to get his anger down some notches:

"Now, now, you must reckon it is just a poor intent to poetry, ahh... I mean limerick, it is not even important, in a few days nobody will remember the stanza, it was not good and it will dilute in time, you'll see. I didn't mean any disrespect, Elfie was a word that came as a needy two syllables that Elf has not, and all the gibberish about man and witches is just a nonsense. We all know how important you, Elves, are and nobody will think about that twice! Please, accept my apologies! I promise it won't happen again!"

Somehow this speech got Elf down in rage and the glowing in his ears started to disappear, but I knew I fell short anyway because when he went into the memory archive he kicked some of the best adjectives I have classified and stashed there.

I only hope that time will help. I am going to be true to my promise. Cannot be at odds with my Elf!

We are listening to "Best Epic War" a mix of epic war similar as the attitude of Elf .

© 2013 Od Liam.

A new Award!

Thank you, Aunt Mary!

I feel humbled and honored by your selecting my blog!

And I feel happy for the selection of rules as NO RULES!

My nominations which are utterly incomplete, of course! There are many more.

3 Heads in the Clouds
(BillyJoeMary Drei)
We are listening to a fragment of the "Interlude", from "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Pietro Mascagni. It gives the proper interval between posts! Love the award picture. Makes me think of Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany".

© 2013 Od Liam.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Limerick for Elf

There was an Elfie from Fairyland,
Who wanted to be like a man.
So, he sought the help of a witch,
who knew not a fly from a switch.
Now he leads a sultry chimp band.

We are listening to a fragment of  Yakety-Sax by James Q. "Spider" Rich and Homer "Boots" Randolph III, and from the soundtrack of the Benny Hill Show

© 2013 Od Liam.

Second Very Inspiring Award

Thank you so much, Epsita for:

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award 2013

A little late but never failing! I am happy for being between so distinguished awarded blogs.

Happy Blogging!

The Rules for accepting the Award:-
  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you and thank them.
  2.  Post the award logo on your page.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.

Seven Facts About Me:
1.- I love languages.
2.- I like quiet starry nights.
3.- Love small fairies.
4.- I am fond of toys.
5.- I have good memory.
6.- Never mind the future.
7.- Love Winter

The music is a fragment of "Interlude" from "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Pietro Mascagni. It gives the proper interval between posts!

© 2013 Od Liam.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Imperfect Future

I saw her the first time on March 1940, she was leaving the Cathedral wrapped in her little and boring gray scarf.

I was overwhelmed by her innocent beauty that was not only something physical but flowed from her own womanly aura. I tried to come near her but she disappeared in the crowd with short and quick steps.

The second time I saw her was just a glimpse of her gentle body through the glass of a passing bus.

The third time, I was off-guard opening the door of a cab when she got down from the car and the surprise was so complete that when I recover she has lost herself into a group of people walking out of a theater.

Years went by ungraceful, ruthless, and the fourth time I saw her was in the rest house for old people we share in Columbus City.

We are listening to a fragment of "Mission Impossible", from the soundtrack of the homonymic film.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


The sun dies in blushing clouds,
while my desolation sees you depart.
The farewell stabs my heart,
and in a smile my face shrouds.
In gray memories my soul overcrowds,
windy hands take my hurting soul,
to die alone in a burning coal,
and far away other arms hold you,
pronouncing the sordid true:
all my life and strength, you stole.

We are listening to a fragment of "I Will Always Love you" performed by the unique Whitney Houston. This song is a homage to this beautiful songstress.  

© 2013 Od Liam.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The equation extends into the Infinite, I am coming near the limit, I can almost see it...

Why it seems always at the same distance? It looks as if always there is a new point in the vector that I must go through!

I am afraid, but can't wait the moment I reach it!

If I disappear, remember me: My name is X and I tend to zero.

The music is a fragment of "Mathematical Music" by an Anonymous CGI maker.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Once upon a time...

Elf, of course
I was trying to make up my mind between a toast or another brownie at breakfast when I notice this lump of ideas on the floor of my mind. 

It was Elf doing, of course. I never spread ideas on the floor of my mind. Always try to keep them in order and filed.

When I approached the mess, I could see his little head sprouting from the middle of the heap.

What are you doing? I asked bewildered as I always am when faced to my Elf's deeds.

Once upon a time... he said venomously.

What!? I was not too original in the question but it took me by surprise. 

Where do these words come from?: "Once upon a time". Does it never happens once upon NOW? Why is it? - Do you know? he blurted all these sentences together as if they were just one.

My Elf was in one of his tantrums against... nothing! 

I tried to ignore his taunting, but as always I couldn't, putting his mind-nose against mine he asked again, remarking his words:

Do YOU know!? 

No, I don't, I said and kept looking for a good idea about the toast or the brownie (no pun intended, besides he is no brownie) even knowing it won't deter this mini-devil to pursue once he started a skirmish. 

Well then, he said putting his mind-arms akimbo, what do you think of it? Where do you think it originated? 

Oh, goodness I thought, "originated..." but trying to keep a low profile I answered: 

Don't know! 

Don't know, don't know, he aped me as usual. Can't you show a little less idiocy and give an educated answer? What do you have all this brain for? eh?! eh!? 

I gave up, it is impossible to ignore a thorn in your eye! 

Look, I said, these words were used in tales for children, as in nursery rhymes and fairy tales from Mother Goose's! 

Bah, Mother Goose was just a Gander! (sic), meaning nonsense, I guess, even if I do not know what slang he was using.

Not a Gander, maybe his hubby was a gander! I tried to jump over the pun but... 

Who you mean?!! (he forgets grammar when in anger), I never heard of Father Gander! 

I had to reckon he was right, 'neither I has ever heard of Father Gander', I could not explain him the crusade of Doug Larche trying to make nursery rhymes to be an Equal Rights Rhymes for both sexes. Father Gander Nursery Rhymes was a book way out of the scope of Elf's current subject.

Ok, ok, I granted, just let's forget all about this. Yes? 

Forget? forget?, it is people like you that forgetting everything are guilty of the major evils in the world!  Elf was furious!

I was stunned, major evils?

But what are you talking about?, Himmeldonnerwetter! - when I start to get angry my German cassette pushes out some of those neverending words - major evils?! we were talking about Mother Goose here, not major evils! 

You were talking about Mother Goose, I am not. I am concerned with all that things that happened once upon a time and not now! He countered!

Gosh! I said, where is my mind-hammer!! 

Elf put his best scornful face and giving me the cold shoulder lost himself into the archive. 

I knew he was fleeing and scared enough about my mind-hammer, he does not know what it is (neither I do) anyway it sound impressive enough to make him run away, but he always makes his departures look like he has defeated me! 

Himmeldonnerwetter, again!!

The music is a large fragment of "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini" by Sergei Rachmaninov, performed by Stephen Hough.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quantum Mechanic

Small Gadget

The music is a fragment of "Consumite Furore" from the game "Phantasmagorias" under supervision of Mark Seibert.

© 2013 Od Liam.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Very Inspiring Award

Thank you so much, Nina for:

The Very Inspiring Award 2013

I am happy for being between so distinguished awarded blogs.

The Red Carpet is warming my feet!

I found your rules are unique and original!

To wit:

1. Just grab the button
2. and take a nice holiday!

Happy Blogging!


The music is a fragment of "Interlude" from "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Pietro Mascagni. It gives the proper interval between posts!

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