Sunday, 5 January 2014


Dawn awaked slowly, as if sunlight was stretching out the nightly laziness before starting its daily routine to bring life to the rock that revolved around the bright star.

The high forest trees made pergolas reaching out anxious to be the first to receive the caress of the warm rays coming down from the sky.

Far below on the loose dust around the feet of the giants of wood and leaves, an infinite world of life began changing from nocturnal creatures for daytime ones.

Giant lizards also showed signs of life, some of them seeking sustenance in the juicy leaves of large ferns and other scanning the air in the perennial search for prey, their early breakfast.

Further below, in hidden caves, and millions of tunnels, still in their last nap, mammals swarmed the tiny hollows beneath the surface of the earth.

They were young, full of life and with a special quality. Without developing a sense of personal and external perception, they had the first glimmer of understanding when developing ideas. They could not yet link two ideas produced in series, their recognition of reality was as if facts were illuminated by a stroboscopic light with intermittent flashes, and any conceptual sense was born, reached a maximum meaning, and then ebbed out of the mind leaving place to the next thought.

This apparent 'cacophony' of lights and shadows seemed unproductive, but it was not so; as the outcome of these fixed feelings gave them the possibility of developing a tight and successful community.

Among the large presence of them was a copy, a little male, who for reasons that would have pleased to discover to any paleantropologist, this little male had achieved a position that could be called of a leader, but such idea was too well advanced to have roots in the existing clans.

This little leader, whom for convenience we can call Primi, was in the process of convincing Llambi, a little lady in their environment, it was convenient to have offspring to continue to keep the species on the ground, or rather underground.

Given the stubborn nature of Primi, all signs pointed to a success in his mission to get a family.

At the time we found him trying to put all his qualities in a head wide awake, fleeting instinctive thoughts indicated the need to get some groceries for himself, and for Llambi, so as to show his devotion for her.

If, at this time, it had been possible to fly above the planet's atmosphere, it could have been seen a picture of terrifying proportions. A huge chunk of cosmic rock approaching at high speed on a collision course with the world inhabited by our heroes.

Within minutes, the well-known landscape vanished in a cloud of debris and waste torn down by the impact and a wide black cloud covered all corners of the world bringing death and destruction to all things that dwelt on the earth's surface.

In an incredible display of levity, Nature, let the small mammals covered by the caves to survive, and in time, to repopulate the planet.

.................................................. .........................

The Coronation of Sucolbitl, lord of all the land you can see, was culminated with a party that lasted for many days but before the celebrations, the sovereign commissioned the elders scholars of the kingdom to find Sucolbitl lineage to the first parent, and so prove to the eyes of the world his nobility.

The sages devoted to working following all lines of heraldry that found in the libraries of the realm, but could not pass the sixteenth ancestor records for lack of more information of those so distant times.

What they could not know is that if many centuries before there had been the possibility to know the DNA, and the background of its processing, with extreme surprise had they discovered that at some point after the cataclysm that changed the owners of the planet, Primi and Llambi were Sucolbitl earliest ancestors, an important man on earth now, who had inherited genes from that emerging leader that lived in our simple Primi.

The music is a fragment of "Primeval Tribute" by Heart of Darkness.

© 2014 Od Liam.