Thursday, 19 December 2013


Darkness surrounded the isolated house, high trees mixed their lower boughs with the low shrubs that covered most of the place. Silence was ominous, not even the doleful hooting of owls, so common on the isle, were heard.

My heart beating at an inconceivable rhythm seemed near to collapse, my mind working overtime was very clear, dread spreading over my soul gripping it in its talons and bringing it to the feeling of being high on a promontory and ready to jump to emptiness.

There was no promontory, only this desolate piece of land with a horrid cabin in the middle of a hideous forest.

Why I felt this strange sense of high rocks? It was so vivid I almost faint of fright!

The owls' hoots? Common on the island? How do I know there are owls, and that I am on an island?

Preposterous thoughts vied to gain access to my awareness, I seem to remember...

No, I do not remember how I reached here, I was in a blank state and then the fetid breath of the island soil reached me without warning.

There must be a rational explanation, always there is a rational explanation, but at the moment it eluded me. I could only experiment the abominable, the obnoxious, and awful felling of being pushed into the snout of evil.

I approached the cabin, my quivering hand reached by its own volition the rusted clasp that was used to lock it, the atmosphere was charged with small sparks apparently coming from my own body.

I do not want to enter there!

What pushes me into it?

What weird force urges all my being into an action so revolting I would die if let my body performs it?

How can I stop this... this terrible compulsion heaving my viscera, and making my heart hit my throat in desperation?

The door turned with a high shriek of rusty and decayed hinges, but the noise was attenuated by the thick silence of the woods.

To my harried senses appeared a point of light over the wooden table that was  miraculously held erect by a lonely leg.

The tiny light grew quickly, and scathingly into a high pitch howl that slowly changed from the Banshee Cry it was performing into the... clock alarm.

The music is a fragment of "It's Alive" from Oldboy movie Sdtrk.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. This is really a very good-read! It's a thriller! You know, Od, I could feel chills down my spine. Honestly, I loved your post(s). This one, I enjoyed tremendously and I just couldn't wait to know the ending. Ahh...gosh! what a terrible nightmare! You're saved by the clock alarm! :))

    Thank you so much, Od, for sharing your creativity. :)

    1. As always, BB, your comments add spicy feeling to my mind!

      While writing, also I felt some chills from the text, mainly a way to react to words! We do love a little scary tale, or movie.

      Maybe I was just being spared for the moment by the alarm clock, I can return to that dark cabin in my dreams, you know, I must have a obscure inner core, most of my dreams are not peaceful, nor enjoyable... (gripes!!) :))

  2. This is a scary dream , I wonder what would have happened to you if there wasn't any alarm! I liked the post it's interesting :)

    1. Do not wonder too much, Auntie!

      As I wrote to BB above, it is highly probable I return to that frightful place and the alarm clock stay put longer!

      I won't give a dime for myself in that predicament.

      Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the tale!

  3. I had no idea where this was going and the ending made me laugh because it was a nightmare. You caught me good and proper Od. I loved it. What a brilliant story. Now can I borrow your brain please? I promise to give it back....

    1. That is precisely my position while I am writing this kind of gibberish. And a felt relief when I found out it was only a nightmare.
      But it could be recurrent and the ending can be different! Brrrr!!!

      If you can get my brain, you can keep it for good, but remember that it is not only dark, and sorrowful, but it contains Elf, who is not a bargain! :))))

    2. Oh, Elf is a grand bargain to me mate. I'll take him any day of the week :)

    3. Oh, my gosh... You do not know what you are asking! ha ha ha ha

      It is worse than bringing a mother-in-law to live with you! :))))

      She can be vanquished or bullied to silence by showing who is the house owner, but Elf is not letting you do that, he always have reasons to show you are just a sweet Fanny Adams! :)