Monday, 10 February 2014

The red-haired man

The storm stretched its first thunder and lightning near the ninth hour.

The redhead man, desperate, ran between the stones that seemed to move by their own volition .

He crossed the wide entrance of the sacred building and terrified by the fragility that seemed to come from the columns that supported the broad roof, approached the group of holy men, and as none of them paid any attention to him, decided to put in the hands of a servant the goatskin bag he carried in his belt.

He retraced his steps, and ran, soaked in seconds by the terrible downpour, came to the potter's land where a lone olive tree with gnarled and almost dead branches rose.

Anxiety gripped his throat tighter than the rustic rope, he was a 'qanaim', jealous for the rights of the Perpetual Being .

His fall into Eternity was an infinite second, but from the very poor view of time, did not last long.

The thoughts of human beings, restricted by all the flaws that they boast, created a direct journey to the realm of shadows but ...

Who can really know? Who can be aware of the infinite length of a rope in the no-time ?

There might have been room for repentance and forgiveness. They say that Wisdom is also exceedingly Merciful.

Or, maybe we did not understand the plot.

Meanwhile, in the holy place, while some columns collapsed to the strike of the quake, and the long veil covering the Mystery was torn from the top, the astonished eyes of a servant watched with amazement the thirty pieces of silver in the goatskin bag left by the mysterious red-haired man.

The music is a fragment of "Storm" by Antonio Vivaldi.

© 2014 Od Liam.


  1. Another thought provoking post. One's fortune will be left behind when one's gone forever, right? That length of a rope - it'll remain infinite. None of us have the idea.

    It's nice to read you again, Od. You make me think hard! Really, and I just can't say more. :)

    1. The sentence to define our fate in death is: "The shroud have no pockets"

      The length of the infinite rope is a tantalizing thought.

      Thank you, BB. I know I can rely on you forever! :)

  2. Brilliant Od. With all being said, one line sticks out in my mind and will always bug me: " but... Who can really know".

    All that is gained through unscrupulous deeds will eventually cause you to pay a price because who can live in peace that way?

    I'm hoping all is well with you Od Liam as you haven't been posting like before.

    1. Thank you, RPD!

      Yes, I can still hear the ringing of that sentence...

      When will we finally know, if ever?

      Also, I would like to know for sure there is a price, but... Who knows?

      Everything is well, I was enjoying a dilated holiday with my Grand, and a bit far away from Internet. Thank you for your concern!

  3. I am reading it again and again , every time enjoying the tale more than before , It shows the truth of life :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      I am so glad you like this tale!