Thursday, 3 July 2014

Correcting the Big Bang

Everlastingland  was on its head.

For the first time in aeons, even if aeons was not an understood word in the kingdom since, as we all know, there is no time to measure them, or any other thing, because the time arrow had curved into itself and do not proceed into eternity.

Now, I must make a digression here to explain, not too clearly of course, since we do not know the right explanations, all this oxymoron:

As I wrote above, there was not the feeling of running time in Everlastingland, this place cannot be contemplated from outside since there is not outside from it, nevertheless, the inhabitants on its grounds live into a general globule that let them be eternally in the same spot of time together with the development of events as a flowing sense. This may sound crazy, but I can tell you all that stranger things can be found in the Universe, and we cannot explain any of them except from acknowledging their existence.

Coming back to our story: grapevine had spread the news that there was a special visitor to come into the realm, it was rumoured this person was carrying news of wonderful events to be displayed on the face of reality. 

The Royal Family
The Royal Family had all the Castle refurbished and covered with banners and flags, and decreed a Festival to honour such important guest.

All people was holding a mental meeting, that is, they were mentally connected with each other and "attending" the meeting if not physically, with their "core", or maybe you will visualize better if I say: "their immaterial self".

They were, including the Royal Family, in an state of awe waiting when in the middle of the big hall there was a spot of light and without warning a majestic figure materialized from thin air.

The Sorcerer
Everybody, including the Royal Family, fell on their knees looking in veneration to the apparition.

The mixture of mist and haze dissipated, and the figure of Sorcerer Malung could be seen, the most important Sage of the country who had spent his life studying the way that the time loop could be opened.

He was slowly spinning on his feet when he said, addressing to no one in particular and to everybody at the same time:

"Some events ago, and following my guide, Her Small Highness Dharma, with the unsuspecting help of her nanny Ubby, created a special space-time, which, by the normal development of physic was condemned to disappear because each particle has an anti-particle created at the same time, and when all of them combined, they dissolved into a big eruption of energy."

"It was not my intention to let this happen,"
-he was still rotating but in this moment he stopped and addressed directly to His Majesty the King, said, "-I was not in possession of all the mysterious laws of creation, but now I know how to restrain the disappearance of that new environment."

"After I leave here, you will send your best scientist to this coordinates I am leaving with you, and will give him the precise instructions written in this paper for him to perform." The Sorcerer made a pass with his hand and a glowing box appeared at the foot of the throne.

Glowing Box
"Be sure the man you sent understands clearly that he will approach a big release of energy, just a thousandth of second after it exploded, that is, it will be as if he is in the exact moment the explosion started, so be sure he is using the protective suit in the box with these instructions, and as soon as he is there he must take into the empty box you received one-sixth of anti-particles, and leave the place quickly."

"In this way, the small amount of particles greater than anti-particles will broke the symmetry, will not be destroyed, and will help to create an Universe where the time arrow will flow into Eternity."

"Do heed and obey me, O King, and be part of the Creation of a new, and different Universe"

While the Sorcerer was pronouncing this words his figure started to vanish into lighted mist and haze until it disappear from the place.

Big Bang
The King followed the orders of the Sorcerer exactly as was commanded, and so, even if nobody was a real witness of the facts, he was a helpful part in the Creation.


The music is "Cosmos" by Vangelis.

© 2014 Od Liam.


  1. Oh so that is the story of big bang theory, very interesting post Od , you are just amazing :)

    1. I was delving into the story of the Big Bang just because I found a small article about it, and read that the author was puzzled why the symmetry of creation was broken to let matter to be created, so I decided to "help" the tale, finding the unscientific reason! :)))

      Thank you, Auntie! You pamper me!!!

  2. How interesting! So, that's how it all started Loved this Sci-Fi. It becomes very interesting when you added legend into it You weaved words so beautifully and the outcome is you had presented such an interesting story which makes me want to know more what's next!

    Thumbs-up, Od! :)

    1. I am glad you find the tale interesting, BB!!

      When I found out that scientific people were still puzzled with the why, and how, the Universe could break the symmetry of Creation, I decided to find the reason. :)) Not in the scientific field, I have not the qualifications for that, but in the Fantasy World, where things are a little bit easier. :))

      Maybe, but just maybe, if the stars are willing, and they line up with Fate, I may try to add something more to this little saga. :))

      Thank you, BB! You are a supernova bringing light to my small world of stories.

  3. ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! amigo, que la pases lindo. Un abrazo.

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    1. Nice of you to ask, BB!

      Things are walking a step each time, I'd like to think it is a walk into perfection!

  5. Hope everything is fine , how are you Od ?

    1. It was a bit complicated, but we are emerging very slowly!

      Thank you for asking, Auntie!

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    1. Well, things seem going on toward better days, I am happy to say!

      Thank you for remembering, Auntie!!

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    1. I am trying, Dude, I am!!

      Sometimes things conspire again our best desire.

      Glad to "see" you again!!

      I miss you, too! and all my beautiful literary world, but who knows? Maybe I could come back, Elf is sure I will! but he is an eternal Optimist! :)))

      See you soon, my friend!!

    2. Happy new Year, my friend- :) :)

      See you next year!

  8. Howdy, Liam! Long time no see! (or long time no read would suit better)

    And I see I'm not the only who's been absent for a while...

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