Saturday, 17 January 2015

Winter... & Love?

 It was January...

I was a bit surprised by the cold, then I remembered I was back home.

Too many years away made me forget the way the climate worked. I was used to hot Decembers, and hotter Januaries.

Now, looking out from the window of my room in the fifth floor of the clinic I could see a barren landscape or a snow covered garden which did not help to raise my spirit.

On the verge of giving up to melancholy I heard a small noise behind me, I looked back, but there was nobody in the room, so I realized all the sound was coming from inside me.

When I started walking into my mind I could heard the first scores of  L'hiver by Vivaldi and I understood immediately what was going on:

Elf has been "seeing" the starting of my sadness and reacting as he always does:


Listening to the great Vivaldi's opus you may think it would fill your soul with despondency since it "speaks" about a white and uninhabited wilderness, and maybe it is so, but my sprite knows me better than I do myself and the music brought such a great joy to my mind that the image in the window resorted towards a beautiful land full of white Fairies and Fantastic Creatures, changing my mood following the Magic of my personal «duende».

As I followed the strong muscle of winter made music by the Red Monk, I found a curled pointed green velvet shoe in the middle of the hall, being curious I just followed some steps more, and after a bend of the hall I found the other green velvet shoe. What was happening? How come there are things occurring in my mind that I am not aware of?

Then as a second thought, I let myself readjust my views and reckoned Elf existence which could explain everything, anyway, accepting this made me no less curious, trying to guess what was the sprite doing, and why.

I realized I was nearing the west wall of my mind so I tiptoed following the sound of barefoot steps just perceptible but not seeing anything since those places near the end of my mind are usually dark.

In a moment there was a bright little point on the wall, so I hid quickly behind the nearest archive while the little point opened into a window showing a beautiful landscape. It was then that I remembered Elf coming back from a similar place and greatly disturbed when he realized I had discovered his way in, and out, Galwrth.

He was so worried that last time that I wrote the event in my tale «Triskaidekaphobic», and promised him to keep his secret forever.

Now, I tried to walk away to keep my promise, but could not move from my hiding place. My "snoopiness" had me nailed to the floor. The desire to know what was Elf going to do, kept me as a strong hand grabbing my throat.

Besides, my guilty thoughts tried to make me remember that nothing happened last time, so why it would be different, now! Oh, well, all of you know how a guilty conscience try to justify its actions!

I could see Elf climbing through the window barefoot, with his feet being sheathed in long red and green banded stocking.

I followed him looking through the window: he walked stealthily around a singing tree, remember? those trees you can listen with your eyes (well, I cannot explain it, but that is how you "see" the song it sang).

The little window resembled a movie camera following Elf through the field, he only stop a bit to stoop down and get a nosegay of violets and then proceed to walk around another tree where, in a small multicoloured bank sat... Elkad!

Do you remember? the foul-mouthed Elkad from the same tale I mentioned above?.

Now, she looked so beautiful as a fairy... well, she IS a fairy.

When she felt the presence of Elf I do not know, but presently she lifted her eyes and I could feel she was shrewt at him so intensely that I, too, felt my world became emerald and a cozy warm winged in my chest.

If you think I was feeling strange, you should have seen Elf, he was a foot above the earth and trembled as a little leaf in an intense breeze.

I thought he was going to faint, but it was not so, letting his feet to rest on a big stone he seemed to gain strength from Earth (or whatever he was standing on), and I understood why he had left his shoes in my mind.

Then with a great effort he offered Elkad the nosegay and said very softly:

"Fjlkit darwert, Elkad" ( Well, it sounded like that).

Elkad, changed markedly into a bashful little flower but the strength of her shrewt did not decreased, even when her face took the shade of her hair! (A furious red colour)

The whole world looked wrapped into a red-emerald glow, even Elf seemed a beautiful creature (I know it is impossible, but that is how I saw him in that instant).

Elkad approached Elf and took him by the hand, I thought his cap was dancing a merry-go-round caper as he was moving along her without touching the ground.

They moved down the gravel path into the singing forest, this time the window-camera stayed quiet as if it was politely honouring privacy.

Then, while I followed the pair with avid eyes, the window started to close into the small point of light and disappeared in the gloom of my mind.

At this moment I felt disappointed, why was I left out of all this? Ain't I Elf's chum? shouldn't I be part of his life, as he is of mine?Just in case all these sharing thoughts were only a crazy idea of mine, I left the shoes where I found them.

Then rationality took control, and I understood there are things which must be kept private, I almost sensed that Elf had let the window open until the last moment to share with me his... happiness? Well, I do not know, because I do not understand Fairies ways, but, well, I was disappointed anyway!!!

Shame on me!

The music is a fragment of "L'hiver" (The Winter) composed by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra led by Valery Gergiev.

© 2015 Od Liam.


  1. Oh…Elf is an angel! I know he’s a sprite but being your chum he does save your day from getting melancholic. The seasonal symbolism does bring about that feeling of sadness, emptiness and quoting you – melancholy. Your brilliant Elf doesn't fail to perk up your day. (To Elf, I’m glad you’re there.)

    You know, Od, at some point in time, it’s ok to be snoppy. If not for that, you wouldn’t be able to know the secrets Elf has been hiding from you. He’s in love! I’m not surprised. And in Winter which reminds me of Winter Sonata.

    I don’t know whether he’ll be pleased to know your world became emerald! I can’t read his mind.

    I’m following closely this fabulous tale. You have succeeded in making me “see” the whole plot in the screen of my mind.
    Thank you so much, Od, for making my Sunday fabulous. You know why? It’s because I really enjoy reading another tale written by Elf’s chum!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend and stay well! :)

    1. An Angel, you said... OK, OK, sometimes he is an Angel! :)

      He know when I am melancholic, which is often enough, I am the saddest person in the world and the last one you would like to be with! This is why when I got the blues, he moves quickly to undo the yarn that started it all. The amazing things is that he always knows what to do! He is Brilliant, no doubt!

      (To BB from Elf: Thank you, you are the only one that understand my hard labor with my protege.)

      Yes, I agree, it is fun to be snoopy, but I cannot do it without that sense of guilt. Now, I cannot wait for him to come back, I want to see how he take this all, if normally, or pretending not to know anything. I am sure he left me follow him to be present when he... proposed? to Elkad, but I do not know why, you know Fairies has no families, so what is all the thingamabob about? Maybe it is a one stand thing, but I cannot "see" Elf in that paper! Oh, I am curious, but curious!!!

      Thank you to you again, BB! You always goes with the things my sprite concoct! At least we have now a mystery to unravel. :)

      Be happy...

  2. I am curious and waiting for the next part of tale, I don't know what is Elf up to. Good to see Elcad the fairy once again, I can understand your 'feelings' :)

    1. Right, Auntie!

      Can't wait for Elf to come back... Only I am afraid he would play dumb and won't share a thing.

      I like Elkad too, but she is too elusive with human. :)

      Thank you for understanding my feelings... sometime I surprise myself with my emo's...

  3. Wah! Following the happiness, guilt and jealousy ping the snoopy mind-
    Besides, sadness wants to burn something, may be-

    The way you touch those feelings really really great work, dude!!

    1. You are too deep, pal! I feel just at skin level! :)

      Nice idea, sadness wants to burn something... Yeah!! That's right!

      Thank you, you touched a tender spot!!! :)))

  4. Hi Od!
    Great way of expressing feelings- as always in your writings. This piece too speaks too many things about those feelings. I definitely can understand!

    Have a Great Week Ahead!

    1. Hello Epsita!

      I am so happy to read you!

      Thank you for your words, and understanding... feelings are the most difficult things to explain and understand of all human deeds!

      Wish the same to you.