Tuesday, 18 June 2013


The little bat started its flight toward the mouth of the cave, dinner time called in the way of instinct to look for something to be part of the daily sustenance, in the other direction darkness was queen and mistress, and the development of other reality .

It was early evening and the forces of Evil were preparing their army to enter the eternal fight for prevalence.

Big Eligos

Big Eligos was ending his ablution of sulphur and fire and girdle his new sword around his waist. He was proud of the new sword, a gift from the Master Himself as recognition for services well done.

The sword was named "Astaroth" in honor to the Great Prince, and you could see the faces of those slain by it reflexed from the beautiful, shining blade.

Little Eligos

Little Eligos was playing on the floor of the cavern trying to melt the rock with a new trick about fire he has learned recently, and in his intent play he almost burned the tied sandal of Big Eligos. 

Annoyance showing in his countenance, Big Eligos discharged a blow on Little Eligos's head with the hilt of Astaroth, and said: "Keep quiet, little angel. Go and invent something bad".

Little Eligos, retired rubbing the sore place where he was struck by the sword, and said pouting: "Do not call me angel, Dad!" 

As a final act of rebellion he showed his small tongue in the direction of the back of Big Eligos, he would not dare to do this in front of the grown demon since if he was seen doing it, it would earn him another painful reprisal.

Little Eligos went to the next cavern and started to draw some things on the face of the rocky wall with great care.

Big Eligos donned his new helmet of Commander and with his breath made a hole in the cavern wall for the heck of it, and laughing contently, prepared to leave.

In that moment, from the hole in the wall, appeared the head of Little Eligos showing a small piece of paper and crying: "Look Dad, I just invented money!" 


American dollar


 The music is "Dancing in Hell" by China Fight.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Yes the little Eligos really invent the thing which is the biggest cause of most crimes done by humans., I loved the story , was waiting for your new post
    and I got such an amazing tale to read :)
    thank you Od , God bless you :)

    1. You are so good and encouraging, Auntie!

      I am exceedingly happy with your telling me you were waiting for a new tale, and moreover you like it! You make me feel a very fortunate and cheerful guy! :)

      Thank you, blessings to you, too!!

  2. I don't know how true is money as the root of evil, otherwise I'd think it's the root of happiness if it's well managed; dump into huge investments and later enjoy the annual bonuses. That makes life easy, I presume. But humans' greed is always unstoppable, enough money will never be enough and will turn very ugly when the hands are covered in blood just for the dire sake of getting it.

    You really got a tale here, Od. Your creativity is unparalleled in conveying messages within such a nice read. I like it!

    I'm glad to see the MYR is in between USD and Euro! :)

    1. You can look at a paper money, then you can look at you hand.

      Probably you won't find any similitude, but if you look deeper you will see:

      They both are useful, they bot can be used by all human being.

      They both can be used for doing good things, or bad things!

      The way to use them are the owner's mind call.

      And this is not applicable only to these two elements, it is the right of free will.

      We are closed in the snare of Good and Evil and must decide which team we belong to... only catch is that not always we know one from the other! :(

      Thank you, BB! I am so pleased for your visit and comment, as I always am!

      You see, MYR is put there on purpose, for your sake! :)))

  3. It's interesting to see how much evil we can attribute to a piece of paper. A piece of paper is not evil -when there's no curse written on it, nor a phantom imprisoned on it's surface...- It's the feelings and actions that wake in human souls which are, sometimes, evil. Then, this means that we reflect our own greed, anger and desperation on the things that surround us, or, what is worst, we look after something -or someone- to blame for our terrible reactions.

    1. Sometimes I try to think in the way you do here! Human beings trying to give some significance to something outside themselves as if to get absolution of their own evil.

      But here we are in the presence of something worse than looking to whom to blame, here we are in the presence of a genitor of Evil. Not Evil itself, but a creator or generator of tendrils of evil in our tissues.

      It is not the limp piece of painted paper, it is the piece of paper into our soul.