Wednesday, 5 June 2013


The disciple neared the Master and with deference said:

Master I was watching closely for a long time a bud, I saw it develop into a flower that disseminated its aroma around it, and I understood the reason of the existence of the flower. 

The Master remained in silence with the eyes closed for a while, then addressed the disciple, saying:

Go and do the same again but stay the double of time you used the first time.

The disciple went and after carrying out the order came and said:

Master, I did as you prompted me, I saw the flower open, and spread its aroma, then it rotted, fell down to the ground, and disappeared. I was puzzled because I did not know the reason for the sequence of these events.

The Master opened his eyes and said:

Now, you understood!

The music is a fragment from "Dark Music".

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Learning could be so complicated but going into details of each process makes it worthwhile and should I say worth the keep of knowledge.

    You have brilliant ideas, Od. I learn something, too, and I understand. :)

  2. Yes! learning is complicated! This is Nature design. Sometimes it is worth to keep the knowledge, as you wrote, some other times, it is a cruel pain.

    Tao, in general, but in particular on the Zen thought, is the "way" that cannot be explained, but it can be experimented, so it is possible to understand even if not to explain!

    Sometimes I think it is Elf who suggests these crazy ideas in my mind! :))

    Thank you, BB!

    1. Please, bring back Elf with more of his crazy ideas. Oops! Didn't mean to be mean towards him! Sorry, Elf. :)

      I read some Zen stories, they're like what you wrote here. I tried to compose one but there isn't any Elf to brainstorm me!

      Oh! Forgot to tell you, I love this music. It really makes me feel so relax. :)

    2. Elf is laughing his green tam off!

      He said that you're the only one who cannot be mean to him, or anybody else!

      He also said that you need not an Elf to write as I need him because you are a real writer, but anyhow he can send you Elkad to help. (I won't advise you to accept! [Shut up, Elf, I know you are reading this]).

      Yes, chilling music is wonderful, I love Celtic Mystic, after Opera, of course! :))

  3. Wisely written post , music is lovely :)

    1. You see, Auntie, Zen Masters are wise people, but you cannot be near one of them too long.

      They end tossing your brain around so badly, you start to think you cannot think straight any more! :)

      The whole of this kind of music is beautiful!

      Thank you for your kind words!!

  4. Life itself is just like a flower. We bud, we bloom, we leave fragrance all around and then we slowly crumble and die, falling to the ground from which we came. Knowing the beginning of a matter is just as important as knowing the ending.

    Lovely thoughtful post Od Liam.

    1. It cannot be put in better words, RPD!

      All that we are, only we do not know the "whys", and in an incredible way that lack of knowledge is the basis of our "understanding". Tao can be enigmatic! :)

      Thank you for your kind words!!