Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Love-struck (Hechizo de amor)

The Exultant Kingdom spread its realms over a peaceful dale full of flowers and singing birds during all the year round. There were neither cold seasons, nor hot spans to defy the beauty of the place.

There was a wonderful palace built on the buttress of the north mountain. It was magnificent, with many courts, and crenelated walls, full of multicoloured pennants giving voice to the many visitors that came to celebrate, the coming of age of the most beautiful being in the whole known domains: Princess Alborada.

She was a redhead beauty with exactly two and twenty freckles on each side of the nose, giving her the image of a permanent butterfly perched on her nose and putting in her countenance a charming allure that obsessed all the Knights of the neighbouring dominions, who were wooing the graceful girl to inherit the kingdom, which people said,  was the richest of the region.

Princess Alborada was a very smart girl who had a very wise old nanny that reared and taught her many important things about the way to rule such a rich region. She knew the hard work needed to create and keep a successful kingdom, and also knew she must be very careful in choosing her companion. 

My child, the nanny said, you must know you are, and your realm is, coveted by many Princes and Knights, but to know who deserves the position is very difficult to find out.

The old woman approached the girl and said in a low voice: Look, there is a legend that long ago, a sorcerer was offended by the King, you great-great-great-great-granddad and this magician sends a spell over the charming Prince who had came to marry the King's daughter. The Prince was transmuted into a horrible toad and sent into the pond of Oblivion in the forest behind the Palace, with the proviso that time will stop for him until discovered.

Old people say that this Prince was the most handsome and intelligent man on the vale, that he will wait for the right princess to awake him, maybe it is worth to go and see what is of truth in all this!

The Princess, who knew the value of the nanny advices, accepted to go and delve in the mystery.

In the afternoon when everybody was enjoying a good time after an abundant repast, and drinking the best offering from the King's cellar, the Princess left surreptitiously the main hall and walked alone into the forest in search or the pond of Oblivion.

She could find it easily, and sitting on a rock at the side of the pond, she started to sing the magical song the nanny had taught her. After a while there were a variegated audience of birds, fish, and other animals charmed by the beauty of the song and the singer.

I a few moment more, from the deep waters appeared the frightful shape of a toad that went to sit on a big fern and stood quietly listening the suave voice of the Princess.

When the song was over, the Princess heard a voice inside her head telling her that he was Prince Charming turned into a toad, and was unjustly sent to live a sad life until a beautiful Princess let him free with a kiss.

The Princess was a bit reluctant to kiss such horrid creature, and the Prince, trying to divert her attention to other things, started to tell her what it would be taking the reins of her Kingdom, fighting the opposing factions, dictating laws, judging between aggressive subjects, and all the problems there would be to solve daily during all the time she would hold the crown, trying at the same time to show her the convenience of being helped by a compassionate partner.

The Princess listened all this and after thinking for a while said:

Yes, you are right, all these things are a heavy burden to be carried by only one person, I think I have the perfect solution.

Taking gently the toad in her hand, and desiring the solution she had in mind in a deep and deliberated way, she kissed the toad lovingly...

In that moment there was a discreet flash coming from the deep waters and the Princess was transmuted into a female toad that jumped gleefully near the Prince, and both hopped into the pond to be happy for ever and ever.

The music is "Time To Let Go" by Black Dawn.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Wonderful story with amazing end, I enjoyed every line of it :)

    1. You see, Auntie!

      Sometimes, it s better to follow the spell of life than to bite a mouthful we cannot chew! :))

      Thank you for visiting, and commenting!

  2. LOL...another very interesting tale you have here, Od. I laugh cos I really like the descriptions of the Princess and the whole story. You're thinking out of the box, at the end of the story you made a twist of it when the Princess herself turned into a toad! It doesn't matter when love struck at the right moment!

    You never failed, Od. Enjoyed this story so much. :)

  3. You see, sometimes it is better to have a "low" life with no troubles than a regal state and full of problems!

    Money does not make happiness, it helps a bit, but that's all!! :))

    Thank you so much!!!!