Friday, 4 October 2013


It was dusk, the last sparks of the day fled aghast from the somber shroud Lady Night was bringing over the world.

The first shadows already took the shapes of the guests that were coming into the low-lands in their best raiments, earnest to fulfil the especial gala.

Riding his black stallion Old Nick arrived with Lilith on the horse rump, alighted with alacrity and started to dance marking the beat with his tail that was ending in an arrow.

The sky was full of broom riders with black pointed hats and wide gowns filling the air with their rude chant asking Evil to bring its disease onto the region.

It was Walpurgis Night, and the Unholy Coven glowed in its apotheosis!

The music is a fragment of "The Rise of the Dark Lord" by Pagan Altar.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. I see you're setting the mood for Halloween with your May Day story! I liked, "The first shadows already took the shapes of the guests..."

    1. I learned about Saint Walpurgis long time before Halloween.

      While a child we used to climb the low hills around the village to make big fires and burn drawings we had done of witches, and sorcerers, to stop their magic to reach our village.

      We never believed in witches, but we were, and are sure there are many of them! :)

      Thank you!

  2. Creepy! And definitely getting me in the mood for Halloween!

    1. Creepy, yes, Melanie!

      I can imagine the exhilarating feeling of riding a broom reflecting the Moon's light!

      Glad you feel the mood!

  3. Oh, how scary Od Liam. You're setting the mood for the dark and gloomy days of winter approaching with Halloween in it's midst. I just need to check the sky outside right now. Looking for any signs of those broom riders.Great post mate.

    1. Be careful, RPD!

      Walpurgis Night is when not only witches ride their brooms, but also when Apollyon, in disguise as a billy-goat comes to receive his "kiss sub-cauda" from all his servants!

      Keep your soul under the bed until dawn! :)

      Thank you, always appreciate your support!

  4. You have scared me naughty boy, you have made an excellent post with your awesome writing skill Od :)

    1. Sorry, Auntie!

      Didn't mean it... But stay indoors anyway! :))

      Thank you a lot! You made my day better!

  5. OH, I love the picture you've painted here. It definitely leaves me wanting more!!! Creepy in the best way :)

    1. Thank you, Lillie!

      Appreciate your kind words!

      Despite my reluctance to write long stories, I am always so eager to know how a tale ends that cannot wait for a long story, I may try and make something of this. :)))

  6. Glad to be able to read your story again, Od. I like it though it's creepy. The setting gives that creepiness thought. Reminds me of some horror movies!

    Nicely written as always! :)

  7. Hi BB, welcome back!

    Thank you for visiting.

    You know, Evil is part of our life!

    We must not forget it, or we can start not to believing in its existence! :)

    Appreciate your support!

  8. You've described such a terrible night!!!... It made me remember an "aquelarre", in a poetic version. I would advice Mussorgsky's "Night on bald mountain" as a background melody, but I really like the one that you posted with the text, too. What's the name of that music piece and the author?

    A big hug for you!

  9. I will allways keep in a corner of my heart the Wlapurgis Nacht.

    April 30th night was a special moment for us children, who undert the thrill of fear and expectation made big fires on the hills trying to shoo away thos bad spirits around us.

    Then came Halloween but it never could be paralleled with Walpurgis, maybe because I had grown out of the fascination of the ocult!

    The music is Satan's Henchmen by Pagan Altar

    You can see it in the copyright note at the foot of the post.