Wednesday, 6 November 2013


The Southern Wind threats to become a gale.

It is not a surprise, when Persephone comes out of Avernus each year, her mother is angry remembering the pact they had to accept with Hades and let her anger shows in it.

The fetid, vexed breath of the goddess glows over the Mediterranean watershed taking with it all the spoils of death left by Atropos, making room for new lives.

Behind the hot wind, little Khronos, not the Titan of course, sweeps memories into oblivion.

On this new space Clotho starts her spinning with an original thread in her distaff, and a new cycle starts to be woven.

Five Sentence Fiction

Prompt word: ERASED

The music is a fragment of "Carousel" by Circus Contraption.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Awesome writing as always , thank you for coming back Od :)

  2. Thank YOU, Auntie!

    I am like the flu, always come back! :))

  3. If only Clotho stops spinning thread. So sad when new new threads woven, new lives taken....the title so fitting for this short but compact tale.

    You never failed to trigger my interest! Much thanks, Od! :)

  4. Thank you, BB!

    I am very happy to read you again. I know how work can disrupt everything, but that does not relieve the missing.

  5. This is a small piece of poetic prose! I love the introduction of the "Moiras" and the introduction of Demeter's daughter and their covenant with Hades. Beautiful myths criss-crossed to welcome springtime...

    1. These beautiful adventures of the Greek Gods, Goddess, and other characters were one of my favorite mental collection that I keep from my childhood.

      I can hear, still, the «purring» voice of my Granddad, who was the one that introduced me into this and other worlds.

      Glad to know you like these tales, and are familiar with them!

      Thank you!!!