Monday, 25 November 2013


Essay on self-definition


If I were you I would not lose time reading the following!

You have been WARNED!

Here we go!

This is one of those things that get people when they are unaware, or have been always under the cover of something or somebody. Or maybe it is not so, and resilience as reality has some actual, if restricted, existence.

It is like me to give an opinion without the least support! I do not know what resilience is... I cannot know since I was always possessed by it. Do you follow this zany thought?

Blonde Elf (not Celt)
I was a Celt in a mixed society most of my small years. Next I went on being a Celt in the middle of a Caucasian-Latino-Greek-rednecks-Asian, (as Americans think them all), and several other ethnics to complete the stew, so I was alone and lonesome, resilience as reality, surrounded me daily, if I wanted to go on living.

Then I was a Celt between Celts, and that small time in life, gave me the distance to get a perspective about, again, resilience and reality. Fate fell down on my head and once more I was a Celt loose in the world.

A lot of time in the Asian South-East, taught me patience and acceptance, which can be balanced to resilience if you are not too demanding.

Then I went on being a Celt in South America, where I was taught to be a true Celt, without rejecting integration! Even risking being absorbed by the environment and disappear into an indistinct mass of ethnics residues.

So do not ask me what to be a Celt is.

Resilience and reality are two differently similar things around me since I have realised I was alive, so, how can I define or tell any story about me, or of a thing that is me, anyway!

Elf (only a bit darker)
You see, to read this is a total waste of time, but you had been warned, and as the old saying express: When there is a warning, there is not treason.

This is "Celtic Dream" by Zero Project.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. ELFO amigo mio ayudame a entender.

    1. Léelo en la Página de los cuentos, Estela.

      Bienvenida a mi blog.

      Gracias por tu visita.

  2. Beautiful , enjoyed reading the post, I had a good time while reading it Od,
    Thank you :)

    1. Thank you dear Auntie!

      It seemed so bland when I finished writing it that your encouragement gives me strength!

      Glad you had a good time reading it!

  3. It is not easy to be yourself when all around you is very different. Sometimes you try to fit in but the 'different' ones cast you out. Amongst your own, it can be hard when familiarity breeds contempt. Resilience comes into play at all times, as that is the only way you will survive.

    I do love a warning Od, it makes me curious with a wanting to take a peek. Brilliant post.

    1. You seem to be cognizant about the pitfalls and booby-traps in the lane of our social environments. Sometimes, it can be a real sunny beach. If you get my drift.

      Neither I nor Elf (who is the ideological initiator of the warning) will ever recognize that side of the idea: Creating curiosity. Moreover, I guess Elf was thinking in an apology for the dreadful meaningless text. :)

      Thank you RPD for your support and visit, always welcome.

  4. Above all, a writer must write for themselves. Self-definition can be a most difficult subject, and one where it is hardest to get a true perspective. You felt a need to write on this subject, so I don't feel it is meaningless. I am glad you have found your "inner Celt" through whatever path was needed.

  5. It is evident you felt a similar pang in your innards sometime, because you are so clear about self-definition.

    Thank you for your comment! Perhaps if a person lives all life in a safe environment never thinks about these things. It is only when life shows you that you are the odd tile in the scene when you start to ask questions.

    Thank you!!!

  6. You know, Od, it's good to be warned but even much more better to read on! I love the introduction to this post and I dare to read on because only then I'll get some ideas of what you're sharing with us here. :)

    As usual, this is another excellent post whereby you talk about self-definition which isn't an easy topic to write (that's for me, of course!) Well, having known more of yourself and the phases of life you've gone through, I 'd like to say that had made you mentally tough. It isn't easy at all but you have made it to this point.

    It's something to be proud of knowing one's identity, wherever you're you know your true self and able to carry yourself well amongst other people of different backgrounds. Resilience and reality could be two different matters, yet being resilient is real when you could cope with adversities. I'm glad to know this though on the other hand, I empathize with certain matters such as the unpredictable fate that had fallen on you. You're never alone and don't let lonesomeness gets the better part of you.

    This post, for one, had made me think of certain matters from some different perspectives. Keep writing, Od, I'll try to be here and enjoy your posts. I believe in you! :)

    1. Bravo, BB! you are fearless not minding the warning out of curiosity!!!! :)))))

      I am not too sure, you learn with time that you may be tough, but always there is a tougher person, or circumstance. Up to now, I am on right side of the beach, but one never knows.

      You have a point here, if you know who you are and why, you can face many things with the ease of having the right background. This is as the bullying in Elementary or High School, you can cope with any bully or bullies if you know yourself and can parry the hits.

      Thank you, BB

      One of the most soothing things about the never knowing the future is the knowledge there are friends as you ready to help in an emergency!

      I appreciate that!!