Saturday, 17 January 2009

Hunting or Haunting

Yesterday morning I decided to show up in the Hunters' Club, they said there was a gathering to recount member's adventures, and I wanted to tell them about my last one.

When I arrived there were already several persons waiting to tell their stories, I took my time listening to other people tales and when there was a lull around the guests I started, harrumphing:

"A few months ago I went to the African savannah looking for a rare white lion the native mentioned have been seen prowling on the field, I guessed his head, and mane would look nice over my mantelpiece".

"I secured the help of a group of natives to carry my impedimenta and armed with my favorite high powered rifle started to track the lion on the vast expanse of land".

At this time I realized I had the complete attention of the crowd assembled in the room.

"A few miles ahead", I went on, "I found the first traces of the animal, I decided to follow them alone since my group of natives refused to go on arguing that this lion was very dangerous and has already killed human beings. Disregarding this arguments as nonsense I kept going until, some time later I espied the white mane moving about the bush".

Now, the audience was hanging on each of my words.

"I approached silently leeward, looking for a good spot to ensure my shot. The animal was feeding and completely oblivious of its surrounding so I had time to choose the right place, I was already congratulating myself for such a good hunting".

"As I started to raise the gun to my face I heard a low growl to my right, surprised I looked toward the bushes and saw a big white lioness already charging for my throat!"

I made a long silence looking at my audience...
Then one of them could not endure the suspense and asked in a small voice:

"How did you escape?"

"I didn't!", I said, while I dissolved into thin air.

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© 2009 Od Liam.

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