Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lone and lonesome...

Wolf was roaming the forest immersed in the despair of loneliness.
Far away, as coming from heaven, an angelical singing reached his ears.
Wolf stood still, his soul pierced deeply, the song seemed to dissolve his inner pain in waves of delight.
Then Little Red Riding Hood appeared on the west bend of the path, it was the lovely girl who was singing and progressing through the path jumping first on one leg then on the other in a kind of childish and charming ballet.
Despite his being under the spell of the moment, Wolf could not stop his predator instincts and asked her:
"Are you alone, my child?"
The little girl had stopped startled by the sudden presence of Wolf but recovered swiftly.
"Good afternoon, Mr Wolf", she said civilly, and added:
"Oh, no Mr Wolf, sir, I am not alone!"
"And who are you with, child?" asked surprised Wolf looking around.
"With me, Mr Wolf, sir, with me!"

Fragment of "Little Red Riding Hood" from "Company of Wolves".

© 2009 Od Liam

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