Thursday, 10 January 2013

End of December

The uncertain dark cloak of night brought a soft trembling of the infinite.

The deep silence of time was put aside by the Eternal Song, having as witness a small point of stellar light brightening the cold landscape while playing with the weightless shadows of the low hills. It was a star with the bright of the interlude that define the borders of reality.

The occasional bleating of some lonely lamb of the mountain flocks punctuated the quiet wait for the moment chosen for the Mystery to touch the bucolic place giving life to a vibration that would move toward the future until lose itself in the last tones of Creation.

It happened!

No, never happened!

This is the marvel of the sense of a mystery of faith or disbelief!

A flimsy load which, as an arcane gift, live or does not exist in each of the human beings who dwell on Earth.

So the scale will always have its weighting plates full of believers on one side and of disbelievers on the other side, giving life to a strange oscillation in probabilities which only will show the truth in different ways: person by person, or jointly when following the design of time and entropy, the personal moment of dissolving into nothing be fulfilled, or Chaos came back to sit on the throne of the Universe, or finally the Wonder of The Eternal Promise be a reality.

Meanwhile, on the slopes of that small country, the question keeps its secret.

Was it the wail of a new born child facing his first breath of life, or was it just another bleating of the sheep on the hills?

The music is a fragment of "Stabat Mater" composed by Giovanni Pergolessi, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra led by Claudio Abbado, and sung by Margaret Marshall, Soprano and Lucia Valentini Terrani, Contralto .

© 2009 Od Liam.


  1. Well-written!

    I'm still wondering what are the answers to the question. Both make sounds. :)

    1. Thank you, BB!

      Anyway, I do hope for the last answer. It seems as if that will let us continue the saga, while the others seem to be a painful final period! :)

  2. Hi Odliam, Welcome back!What a lovely story!
    Some questions are never answered.
    I liked the story!

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      I am glad you like the story!

      Sometimes I am a bit dismayed trying to find out the answer... but all is a question of patience, maybe time is blocking that answer. :)

  3. Did I read it? Did the year ended with December?

    May be, may be not- :))

    1. Hey, dude!!!

      No, you don't!

      No, the year did not ended... we are heading into Eternity! December is only a resting depot.

      Or maybe not!! :))

      Glad to read you, dude!!!

  4. I believe that one day time will unravel all the mysteries of the universe. But how I wish there was a shortcut!

    Sometimes I think death may answer all the questions and then I realize that it may just be my mind tricking me into believing there was still hope even at the last minute.

    1. you seem to be a very deep and philosophically inclined personality.
      You could give Socrates a run for his money ;)

    2. We will not know, while we clad life, as we know it, if LOVE won the prize.

      It may be a certainty, but we will not know for certain.

      It was made so, only we do not know why!

      But having the notion of Eternity, is strange, we cannot create that idea on our own, it seems as if it was whispered in our ear when time was a child yet! :)

      Poor Socrates, he was so candid that won a cup of hemlock because his attitude.