Monday, 28 January 2013

Justice served

(This is a work of fiction, no offence intended to anyone's beliefs.
Beside the absolute humanization of celestial spirits turns the tale into a fable).


The Panel adjourned for the time being.

There were no more applicants to obtain the visa.

Everybody was satisfied after a difficult task, everybody except Michael. He was following the legal procedures and could not find a fault, but... something was not right!

He was walking the paths of the Garden thinking deeply when he heard the Voice asking him:

You are thinking furiously, my friend, why is it?

Oh, exclaimed Michael, I haven't felt you Lord!

It is because you are thinking so intensely!

The soft feelings of the Lord encompassed Michael wholly.

Yes, Michael was now giving all his attention to the Lord, by now you must know what was I thinking about.

No, my child, I respect your privacy, so if you want to talk about that, tell me.

The careful ways of the Lord always surprised Michael.

Well, Sire, Michael fighted in search of a simple way to put things, you see, it is eons I am part of the Panel you are Chairman; when a soul presented the case of life to be granted access to the Garden most cases are simple and easy: Yes or No.

But sometimes there are some doubts and then the Defence Counsellor claims the First Amendment, that is, he asks for Divine Mercy, and win his plea since there is no contention to that!

The Lord was felt as smiling, and He said: Yes, the idea is to be on the easy side.

Yes, Sire, Michael was intense in his words, I understand that, but sometimes it is, well, it seems as if it is unjust, I beg Your pardon for my words, to give the same reward to those who earned it and to those who are getting it by a technical reason.

The feeling of a smile accentuated  in the Lord, and He said:

Well, maybe you are right, so I will tell you what we will do next time we faced a situation as you described: We will take two steps, first we will accept the First Amendment as is the custom, then you will pronounce a judgement to balance the situation. Anything you deem right to apply to the soul.

But... Michael was overwhelmed, but it is a serious responsibility, Sire! I do not know if I can cope with it!

Oh, you'll do well! the accented smile lingered in His lips, and then He was gone!

Michael rested on a bench in the Garden, the creased forehead giving evidence of the hard moments of thoughts he was developing.

Time went by uneventful for many eons. It is difficult to measure time in Eternity since time does not exist in there.

Then one pseudo-day a soul was facing the Panel, the Defense Counsellor presented, with a smile, all the good deeds carried out by the soul. The Devil's Advocate was looking despairingly into his suitcase not finding any document to present to the tribunal.

After scratching the  bottom of the case he found a small paper that he put on the table with a look of no hope.

The Panel read the small paper, made a consult between them, and the Speaker said:

There is a small problem here, this soul has been very good as human, only there was not warm in the contact with other people, being a hermit always was aloof and not giving comfort to others. We acknowledge the good part of the soul, but in true justice, if we consider the situation we should not accept this soul in the Garden!

The Devil's Advocate was pleasantly surprised and started to have hope of winning this case, when the Defence Counsellor said aloud:

I recognize there are some truth in the way the Speaker present the case, but I want now and here to ask the application of the First Amendment!

From above the Panel, it was felt the great warm coming from the Ultimate Judge, and the feeling of happiness brought the sense of "Granted".

The Speaker said:

Clad the soul for entering the Garden, and adjourned the session.

Michael accepted the final decision but he felt as if there was not balance in the outcome, so he started walking on the inner paths of the Garden thinking how to find a way to serve justice.

After a while he had an idea and in that same moment felt the Presence Who asked him:

Have you found a solution, Michael?

Yes, Sire! I think it would be a nice way to keep things made up for! Michael was truly happy

Will you tell Me your answer to this situation? It was a strange question coming from the Lord, but Michael decided to ignore the reasons.

Yes, Sire, here it is:

The soul will be granted all the benefits of the Garden, but for half the Eternity and a pseudo-month, during three pseudo-days of the each pseudo-week this soul will have no hands and would not caress any flower, leave, or plant of the Garden, neither the chubby cheeks of the Cherubims!

Michael thought he heard a burst of laughter from above, but could not be sure.

The comfort he felt told him that his way to serve justice was accepted.

The music is the song "Archangel Michael" by Llewellyn

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. It's very interesting! This is the sort of thing we'd love to see. There isn't easy access for everyone cos as humans we do have flaws. I just can't express more but I understand this fable. I don't know whether it's apt to say strike a balance. Lord is merciful. :)

    1. Justice is a very long word, BB.

      At least, I think so. There is not chance humankind can reach the shores of this vast ocean without the assistance of a higher power. We human are very low in the scale of ethic, we are too loose in moral to take seriously our opinions about Justice, we still think that to serve it we must punish, revenge is what we look for, not justice, not even with lower case. It is barbarism.

      This is why your mind is reluctant to say the solution provided by the tale, strike a balance :)

      And yes! the definition of Lord, imply mercifulness.

      Thank you for being courage enough to comment this post!! I guess it was not easy. :)