Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Absolute!

For years he had walked in the shadows of the light of the world, all the scaffolding holding his life rested on the external securities that gave an anchor to his existence.

While he enjoyed this sense of security, he was presented with the opportunity to travel to a beautiful place full of spectacular landscapes that made happy his soul.

Feeling he might take advantage of this opportunity, he decided to sit still to let these beautiful images sunk into his person and gave him peace and elation.

While he was in this process, he let the hard materialistic beliefs to get down, and his spirit, who was waiting this moment since he was born, took the rudder and guided him into himself.

At the beginning the road seemed rugged and steep, but after a time, as if he would have reached the world roof, started to see that the landscapes that was seeing now left poorly depicted, despite their beauty, the real places he was admiring minutes ago.

Walking on the inner personal paths that just had discovered, uncovered the beauty of his soul, and understood that this was his own self, his environment, his life, the galaxy, the infinite... in a word, everything: The Absolute!

Goes with us , in our inner trip, the song "Enter the Mystery" by BLD performed by the trio Stup.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. It is the most wonderful feeling to discover the beauty of our souls.

    1. You are right, Auntie!

      It may take the whole life to know it, and sometimes that time is not enough.

      But it is worthwhile!! :)

  2. Dear Od Liam,
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) You can check the details on my blog.
    Congrats! :)

  3. Thank you, Auntie!!

    I am happy you chose me for this chore!

    I have already scattered the same onto other bloggers!

  4. I believe I understand what is meant with The Absolute. I think people are able to see it for a short moment while meditating or when they're just concentrating on themselves without any distraction from the outside!

    1. Yes, Billy, I agree with you that The Absolute is what you think, and more!

      You know, Siddhartha Gautama was the first to experiment it, but he remained a step too short, maybe because the bodhi tree or fig tree he sat under, was in blossom!

      Discovering Enlightenment only let him think he was dissolving into the Absolute, making his self lost in Nirvana, that is, to be released from desire (and consequent suffering) and the continuous round of rebirths, by losing all consciousness, and falling into a kind of neutral paradise.

      A pity! if he would not have eaten those poisonous mushrooms maybe he would have realized there was another small step ahead that changed Nirvana into a better place.

      This small step is that it does not matter what happened to you when you "enter" the Absolute, you never, ever lose your identity!

      Nice, ain't it!? :)

    2. hihi,yessss very nice!
      I really like it that you are or seem to be so philosophical...but witty at the same time;-)