Monday, 15 April 2013

English Sonnet

I am trying to compose a sonnet,
Pentameter and iambic is the meter,
Sure it will put a bee in my bonnet,
And fill my mind with refuse and litter.

Delving into words, must work in with zeal,
Seeking the BA-BOOM that iambic likes more,
This crazy rhythm makes sounds to have appeal,
People seeking, wanting it, and adore.

Here I am and it seems I have done it,
Follow cadence as metric require,
Just must create only a little bit,
and tie it with a strong and double wire.

To let it last in time and in plain space
During the duration of human race

"The music is "Memory" by Richard Clayderman, soft as the way I had to think to write this English Sonnet. Before publishing the post I asked William if he let me do it, he was very understanding and told me to go ahead, but try and learn a bit more about the subject. I guess he was being sympathetic, not saying to flush it into oblivion".

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Iambic Pentameter, your walking in the footsteps of the bard.

    1. Maybe I am... but size of the shoe is too big for me, and the steps are too wide.

      I only can keep the rules, not pretend to do anything else than following from far away so much talent!

      Thank you for your comment, RPD. For a few seconds I did dream of it! :)))

  2. I loved it , the poetry ,the beautiful words .It is an awesome post ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Auntie!

      You make me feel very happy with your words!

  3. Yes, you've done it, Od! This is a very good Sonnet. You've got what are needed for writing a Sonnet. The rhyme scheme in 14 lines is correct for an English Sonnet. Not that I'm good in it but that's what I learned.

    You know, I read this Sonnet in the companion of such a fabulous music you chose. I loved both! You make me want to read more. So, keep writing! :):)

    1. You always support me, BB!

      Your words make me think I can make the poetry path, especially when after reading what I write, my reaction is to throw it all into oblivion. But I guess we all think the same. Sometimes I think I am an oaf that cannot create anything valuable.

      So I appreciate your words immensely!

      Guess that the idea of putting music is to be sure that something good goes with my work, borrowing a small stretch of talent to justify the time of the reader! :)