Friday, 19 April 2013

Princess Dharma

It happened in Everlastingland where time was not known and its vector was eternally looping into itself.

It was very difficult to ascertain 'when' something happens since 'when' was a meaningless word.

But events do happen in Everlastingland despite this situation.

So it was that Princess Dharma was a child equivalent to a five years old girl, but we could not assess it since years is another meaningless word.

The little regal being was a very restless child, and Her Nanny, Ubby, was very tired of running after Her, watching, and keeping Her Highness out of trouble.

Nanny Ubby was very young, too, although everybody was so in this place, and she was in love with Matty, the stable boy, who groomed horses for the King, and the Queen.

The Queen was very partial to the Princess, so Ubby did not dare to let Her Highness alone unless she could be sure She was in a safe place.

As things were at that moment, Ubby was trying to find a quiet place to read the Book of Spells that Matty had given her as a gift.

Matty was a very conscientious lad and as it was a festive season, with no time limits, Matty was cleaning the loft of the barn where the horses' stalls were made, and he found an old, oak trunk, buried under several bales of hay. Giving up to curiosity the youth, instead of carry the trunk to his boss, he opened it breaking the old strap that closed the lid.

Between several old clothes with not value whatsoever, he found the Book of Spells by Sorcerer Malung, the most important Magician of Everlastingland, this man was looking for the magic develop of time, and he was lost, many years ago, in the Hazy Mountains, near the horizon where the realm ended, trying to find a clue, but in the Palace grapevine, it was rumoured that he had already solved the quiz, and was looking for something else, but it only was a rumour.

Matty felt his heart to warm towards Ubby, since he knew she loved all these old things, and the book would be a perfect gift to show her his devotion.

He was right, Ubby was delighted by the Book, but she could not leave the Princess alone, and until she found a safe place for Her to play securely, she could not start reading the Book.

In one moment, but out of time, Ubby had an idea: if she and Princess Dharma go to the Silent Garden, where the Magic Sentinel watched over the place, and over the people in the Garden, then Princess Dharma would be safe and Ubby would be free to read her book.

They entered the Garden, Princess Dharma went right to the golden fountain to play with the aureate liquid, and Ubby sat in a bench a few steps away and started to read.

Now, this was not a regular book, neither Matty, nor Ubby knew that the Magic Spells written there were coming true with just reading silently the words.

While Ubby was engrossed in one of the Spells, Princess Dharma noted that a big part of the water started to become very black and elastic, the water developed a filmy quality that let the Princess put Her finger on its surface making a small dent until she took Her finger out, then the water came again to its old form due to the elastic surface.

After several probes, Princess Dharma decided to pinch between her index and thumb a part of the surface to find out what happened. She did so, and there was a strong flare in the place, something started to glow, and the dark water seemed to sink into the flash.

In that moment, but not of time, the bells toll for dinner and Princess Dharma thinking in Her food forgot all about the fountain, and Ubby took Her to the dinner-place to enjoy the choice food of a Princess.

Meanwhile, but out of time, the water around the place where the flare appeared went down into the fountain leaving normal golden water flow in its location.

There was a kind of pause, but not a time pause, but an 'untime' pause and...

In a space far away but connected with all these events, the Spell went on creating a Big Bang and an Universe where time opened its loop and started to flow into Eternity.

The music is "A Tea Ballad" by ZHANG Fu-quan & HAO Han, and performed byZHANG Fang-ming, DAI Ya, ZHANG Qiang, ZHAO Jia-zhen, LI Guang-lu, ZHANG Xiao-hong, ZHAO De-rong & HU Ai-zhen, in Chinese musical instruments.

© 2013 Od Liam.



  1. Lovely, I'd like to think that's how it all started.

    1. It is possible, Michelle.

      Even if we believe in a Creator, He should be a Child in his heart to have done what He did! :)

      Thank you for your time to read my tales!

  2. A very interesting post! I was so engrossed in reading it and can't tell you how many times cos it's unknown. It's timeless cos I felt I was in Everlastingland! :)

    Loved the story as a whole and you know, I visualized the ageless characters. You wrote so well, Od, and your stories never fail to captivate my interest.

    Thank you so much for sharing a very interesting read and an oriental music (lovely and so fitting for this post) which kicks off my weekend so beautifully! :)

    1. If you ever entered in Everlatingland, I am sure your eyes are full of stars and your soul of glee!

      Thank you so much, BB!! You restore my confidence to keep writing!

      I am glad you like the music, it took a while to find something according to the story. Thank you again!

  3. Od! that was a very captivating story and absolutely loved the ending! And the music just complements the story!

    It reminds me of how a butterfly flap can cause tsunami
    and also how there are greater forces at work unfathomable and unknown to human minds that make and break the universe!


    1. Thank you a great deal, Nina, and welcome!!

      I am sure we came into being because a mischief of Somebody with the soul of a Child! :)

      Glad you like the music, it really was a long search to find something in accordance.

      Isn't it a beautiful thing to feel that such small event can change so deep the Universe as we know it.
      The promises for the future are bottomless!! :))