Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Second visit

It was one of those days that started at dawn and ended at sunset!

Yes! one of those days that the most important thing that happens is NOTHING!

You know them, the only benefit I have over you is that I can go into my mind and pester Elf for a while, which makes minutes shorter.

OK, I said, as soon as I realized I was going to be bored like a Rocker fan in the middle of the first movement of the Triple Concert for Fife and Piccolo, by Isha Wald, performed by the Basted Quartet, integrated by Profit Gross in Fife; Spendy Unjust in Piccolo; Lost'n Tax in Viola da Gamba; Net Incom in Lute; and the warbling of coloratura in accompaniment to the virtuosity of Profit Gross by the great soprano Inopp Ortune Hiccough, I decided to go and get the best from Elf.

I closed my eyes to see better and introducing my sentience into my mind, walked along the hall toward the Archives.

The first steps were followed by the usual silence my mind can produce when inactive, which is almost always. Then while I was approaching the Literary Archive I heard a voice which I had waged without doubt was Elf's, reading in a pompous voice, even if his voice was indistinct and I could not understand the words.

I crossed the threshold of the door just when Elf was reciting:

    By the pricking of my thumbs,
    Something wicked this way comes.
    Open, locks,
    Whoever knocks!

And seeing me started to laugh by the coincidence.

I was transfixed: over several tomes of an old Encyclopaedia Britannica, out of use because Internet, but perfectly accurate as ever, using them as a stage, the imp was reading the Act IV Scene I, of Macbeth, I know you recognized it, but I just felt the need to name it. There was a crudely drawing of a cauldron hanging in the wall, and three old hags around it, all this so incredible that I didn't know how to react.

Anyway, my astonishment, and inner disturbance, was not all those things I describe above, but the incredible sight at the foot of the makeshift stage:

Sitting cosily on a tome of the Britannica each, cross-legged and giving the impression of being at home, there were four attentive Lady Elves, following each syllable and movement of my sprite! 

Elf stopped reading and cried happily:

"Ah!, there you are me man!"  (me man? where has he found this?)

I had trouble to find my voice but al last I could manage: "You bring another bunch of cousins to visit my mind? I asked almost stuttering

Of course, in that moment four necks rotated toward the door to look at me and when those emerald eyes posed on my person I felt loosed all over, even my socks fell limpid over my shoes!

Elf, following his ways didn't give importance to my uncomfortable situation and exclaimed:

"I was entertaining my cousins until you deign to show yourself"

I was trying to answer, but those emerald eyes were doing something inside me, I could only stutter: "Hhhoooww yyou kknow I'd come?"

It seemed I have said something very funny because the five imps laughed merrily at me as if I were a clown!

Then one of them stood up and walking as the best supermodel in any pageant approached me and said, in a faint and slightly erotic voice, as if she were asking for a diamond collar:


"My name is Elkad, can you squat down, please?"

As I went down in a haze, she smiled and when my eyes were at the same height than hers she looked deep into my eyes, there were small stars dancing in the emerald irises, and the promise was there, only there was not an explanation for that feeling!

After a while she turned toward Elf and said:

"It is true, you have been given one of the owner of the best idiocy in humankind, I cannot believe you have had that luck!"

These words made that the other three Ladies run toward me and darted my eyes with their emerald sight, I felt dizzy, as in a dream I heard Elf tell them:

"Be careful! he can collapse into too many "shrewt" . Just look one at a time and let him sit on the floor.

I dropped sitting with my back on the wall and stay there lost in an emerald mist and warm rivulets of caresses, I do not know how long.


Afterwards, I felt a cold blanket cover me and recovering could see Elf standing in front of me and looking worried.

"Are you all right", he asked.

I was comfortable inside where the emerald wisps were dancing yet, but I didn't like the cold I felt in my body.

"This cold is me", said Elf, "it is better you get back to your world. I would not have let my cousins do what they did, but they were so insistent and menaced not to believe you were as... you are, besides they can be very convincing when determined to get something."

"Come," he added, "now I want you to met them as elves, since it is probable that they come to visit often, now that they know!

Meet other elves, females in the bargain, and they are planning to come back to visit often... 

"What was this?", I asked "are you out of your mind! I can just handle one of you and you plan to bring, not another but four elves more?!"

"No, not four, a lot more, when the notice run out in Fairyland, almost everybody will want to come and see. Even if for once!!"

I was to kick the gum of the gnome when he added:

"And some of the Ladies have a better "shrewt" than the ones you tasted"...

That stopped me, oh, I know I am selfish but what can I do. Then something occurred to me and I asked:

"Why I do not feel that "shreenury", or whatever its name is, when I look at you?"

"Because we, males elves, reserved our special "shrewt" for ladies elves with that thing that makes them special, you see?"

"Don't worry", he went on, "remember the Bard:"

    Be lion-mettled, proud; and take no care   
    Who chafes, who frets, or where conspirers are:
    Macbeth shall never vanquish'd be until
    Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill
    Shall come against him.

 "So, while the Great Birnam wood stay quiet and do not go up to Dunsinane Hill, you will never get it from other male, (hope the old witches are not as tricky as they are in Macbeth", said Elf with a smile; "but with females elves, be careful, they like to show their power and sometimes leave a human singing in a strange language for a long time, if not forever."

So here I am, in a day that started at dawn but I do not know how is going to end, still listening Elf giving us Macbeth and surrounded by a purring sound that no cat will be able to reproduce.

We are listening to the 2nd. movement, "Adagio" of "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquin Rodrigo, performed by Paco de Lucia

© 2013 Od Liam.

Thank you, BB 


  1. An interesting opening line and of course, interestingly written throughout the tale. I enjoy it so much and especially Elf's character is among my favorites. He seems so real! Whatever he says are sometimes funny and witty.

    So you get "shreenury"? Is it a sign you're being hexed by those pretty elves? Hehe

    1. Thank you, BB!! You're a gem!

      Elf agrees absolutely with you that he MUST be a favourite 'person' to you since he is the creator and mentor of everything. He asked me to kindly tell you (sic, the split verb is not mine)to kindly tell you, that he seems real simply because he IS real, ahem! (The ahem! is his, not mine, either). He also agrees that he always says witty things, and sometimes funny ones! Go figure! :))

      You can say it! I am still under the spell of the emerald mist!!! :X

      Thanks again!!

  2. This is one of the best of your' Elf stories' :)
    How cute he sounds when he warns you about the female elves .

    1. Thank you, Auntie!!

      I can accept he looks "cute" from afar... but he is real pain in the neck!

      Thank you again, I appreciate your permanent support!