Monday, 16 June 2014

Activities at sylvan dawn

At early morning, and because it was snuggled on top of a tall red maple tree, the sun touched slightly Mr. Swallow Sr.'s nest.

This slight touch was enough to wake up his offspring, and they, as all little birds often do, immediately started to ask for their breakfast.

Mr. Swallow Sr. shook his slumbering state vigorously jumping and jolting around, and then flew away to look for the per diem food for his nestlings as it was his duty.

All this activity produced enough moment as to let a dew bead fall down from a nearby leaf. This little offer from above went down into the still shadowy part of the forest, it got into a goblet like flower that could not stand the élan brought by the dew bead and turned upside down letting the small cold lozenge keep its falling until it went flat on a big fern, and started to slide toward the pointed end of a leaf, following its midrib.

Coming down from the fern, the dew bead fell squarely on the head of Ruck, the little white imp, who was still asleep since the light from the sun was feeble yet.

Clearly stunned, the fairy tried to go back to sleep, but it was not possible, her leaf-bed was a mess, damp, and cold.

She shake her head, still blank, since the only thing that would have occurred to her was swearing, but we all know that well-behaved sprites do not use foul language. 

After some instant, Ruck felt her notions herding back in a stampede that almost make them fall down her ears.

She sat on her heels disconcerted for a while, letting reason heap thoughts in order. Finally she found the tail of her ideas and could start to think rationally again...

What happened?

She looked at her poor self, dripping water as a defective faucet.

Maybe she was loosing the control of her body? But she was only four hundred years old, at the peak of her life, not old enough yet! Besides, she is a fairy, and fairies do not age!

Is it rain?

Then she looked up and saw the remaining of water still clinging stubbornly from the fern leaf. Understanding rushed in, and her mind cleared everything in a second.

Not rain, it was a glorious sunny day, some rays from the sun already reached into the lower layers of the forest.

Then what?

Dew! it was a dew bead! What extraordinary coincidence!

A timid sun ray touched the leaf where Ruck was, and let her dry her wings. After thanking the ray for its service, Ruck started to fly toward the Wotdras House where the meeting to assign the daily chores would be held.

The music is "Celtic Elf's Music - Sylvan Elves" by Derek Fiechter.

© 2014 Od Liam.


  1. Beautiful tale , dew, fairy, birds all my favorite :)

    1. I am so glad you like my tale, Auntie!!

      I agree, all those subjects are very beautiful, they bring joy, and good omens to our minds!

      As always, your support gives me energy to keep writing!!

  2. Replies
    1. You are too demanding to yourself, Auntie!!! :)

      Sometimes, one forget some little letter, but it is not too important if we can communicate! :)

      I avoid to re-read too much my writings because if I do it, I would not post a word! Always find a better way to say what is written!!

  3. Beautifully written! I read and listen to the nice music which brings me into the forest and witness the beautiful life going on there. Your words give me a vivid picture of it all, Od. You never lose touch of your unique creativity!

    I love nature. Loved what you described here! One day, I'd love to meet the sprite or better still meet your Elf! Yeah, those sprites are ageless.

    I'm curious about Wotdras House. :)

    Thanks, Od, for sharing your unique story. :)

    1. I am so glad you could "live" the "soul" of the tale, and "feel" the forest, and the life going on there, BB!! Thank you for your kindness!!

      I do look forward to meet all those spirits hidden from us now. I would be happy and I know you will, too. Even if I have some doubts about Elf, now we are having a kind of coordinated friendship, but I do not know how long it would stay so. :)

      Just wait, there is always the possibility I found who can tell us more about Wotdras House and the life in Fairyland!

      Thank YOU! BB, for your presence and support!!!