Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I met this lady from Asword,
Who never misused a word,
If she wanted to say 'I hate you',
She never use more than that few,
Then cut you down with her sword.

The music is a fragment of "Mourir d'aimer" by Charles Aznavour.

© 2014 Od Liam.


  1. Aww!! This sounds like a scary movie! She means business!

    Don't you dare to talk more. Her words might not be mightier than her sword. But her sword will bring you down!

    Very nice and funny! That's what a limerick is.

    Nice music, too. Thanks a lot, Od! :)

    1. It goes with the spirit of the time.

      Nowadays we cannot find a romantic girl like those depicted in Jane Austen novels!! .)

      Women have progressed into the martial arts, as "The Bride" in Kill Billy, vol. 1. It is hard to choose between these two characters!! :))

      Thank you, BB. I am always waiting for your comments!!