Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sad Party

To the birthday party of a mate,
I was arriving very late,
They had eaten all the dips,
I only tasted them with my fingertips,
And there was not a drop of chocolate.

The music is a fragment of "La Campanella" (The Little Bell) by Franz Liszt performed by Arthur Rubinstein.

© 2014 Od Liam.


  1. Hola amigo, sigo sin encontrar la banderita de mi pais para traducir, igual te envio un abrazo.

    1. ¡Hola!

      Debes usar la baderita de España (La penúltima de la primera columna)

      Gracias por la visita.

  2. Oh, poor Od.......... why were you so late for the party? Your friends don't care for you ? Just kidding, I liked your poem, short and sweet like chocolate :)

    Please, I want more poetry to read on your blog :)

    1. I lost the local train, Auntie!!

      When my friend found out I was hungry and thirsty, he bought me a loaf and a water glass from the buffet! (Kidding!!)

      Thank you for your support, Auntie.

      Come again to this TV canal and you'll find more limericks!! :))

  3. Oh, poor you! Why did you come so late?
    You missed the fun in the party of your mate,
    But it was better late than never,
    Chocolates at fingertips could taste better,
    So, that lessened the feeling of being sad.


    LOL...kidding! Well-told! I enjoyed it no end. You know, I could rely on you for good limericks. Thanks a lot, Od, for giving me the opportunity to read your work again. :)

    1. Nice reply, BB!!

      In this path, you'll are the balqis of poems in Malaysia!!!

      Thank you, so much, my friend!!!

      I am honoured, and elated for your kindness in reading and commenting my attempts to writings.