Saturday, 28 February 2009


"I'll be a writer"
, thought Lark, "and will sing my writing!"
This thought spread itself through the mind echoing on all corners of the inner mystique.

So it was!

Writings and songs filled the space of life given to Lark.

Then there came flocks of Swallows.

"Style", sang one of them, "is short of audience's expectations."
"No, no", warbled another one, "it is not style but subjunctive usage"
"Au contraire", chirped a learned third, "it is the way pleonasms are structured, it disconcerts readers."

Quiet in this gabble, Lark looked pleased to the immense tide of creativity coming from the deepness of the soul.

"Why and for what I write?", Lark asked and the thought reverberated in the mind.

The answer surged powerfully from Lark's inner depth and it was full of light, inexorable, as truth always is...

We are listening to symphony No. 25 in G minor by Wolgang Amadeus Mozart.

© 2009 Od Liam

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