Wednesday, 11 February 2009


The night wraps me in its whisperings, the dead leaves of the early Fall crackle under the worn soles of my shoes, while a far away cuckoo fills the indigo sky with its mournful appeal.

Memories crowd in stampede and then the agonizing ache of loneliness hits, bending my spirit under the impact of the fatigue of living.

Irremediable and terrible pain that blends with the agony of a distressing storm of despair and leaves a fathomless emptiness in my heart.

I stand faltering under the ancient gnarled fig-tree where can be seen still a nameless etched heart transfixed by an arrow.

Looking back in time I tried to see her again, just one more time, but only the gruesome memories of her livid countenance and the painful cough muffled by the exquisite silk kerchief surges in my feverish mind.

Just that, her gaunt features and my unbalance between the sweetness of tenderness of the time before and the tearing bitterness of the moments afterward.

Now, the dreadful waiting... the deep work of time changing the present rending pain by an apathetic span of life, almost eternal, that will bring oblivion... or will not bring it, but will leave the tissues in my soul frayed and ragged with no feelings or reason.

And among the bewilderment of that maelstrom the wail of the wind crying the question without an answer...

Gigliola Cinquetti sings a very sweet and romantic "Dio comme ti amo" in Spanish

© 2009 Od Liam.

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