Friday, 19 July 2013

From a deep nothing

(This is a reprise of a tale lost in the disappearance of my former blog, I found it resting on Elf's pillow, so I rescued it, and put it where it belongs)


From a deep nothing, It and It, woke at the puff of a breath, or so seemed to them, with a new feeling in their inside.

They could not remember the past, they don't even knew the idea of past, as if this were the first experience of their body.

Near them there were several trees which seemed familiar but it could be because they were full of beings, eating and jumping from branch to branch, those creatures were similar to them, but not quite.

Looking down, they found a small pond full of mud where something or Somebody seemed to have been making mud dolls.

 All was very strange, they thought they came down from the trees and at the same time they felt as if the mud in the pond was part of their being.

Looking toward the great savannah that followed the end of the forest, they felt as if there was a job to be done. So they started walking away from the forest.

And so passed the evening and the morning of the sixth day.

The music is a fragment of "La Plage de Blâne Est" by Ehma, it marks the precious first seconds of...

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. I'm glad you could rescue this interesting tale. It would really make us ponder how life was created but we do have our own beliefs. According to mine, each day was a day of creation before everything came into being. The sixth day was a special day for us known as humans. And there was that mud, which I could also relate to my belief.

    Thank you, Od, for relating the tale interestingly. :)

    1. Beliefs!

      Such a wonderful word. It describes one of the wonders of the mind. Nobody knows how, but we can "see" with absolute certainty the way mystic things come into being.

      The tiny revelations some of our patriarchs have steadily received, ended in a corpus of knowledge as amazing as inspiring.

      Thank you, BB! You always give me support. I appreciate that!


    1. Hello Auntie!

      I really appreciate your words!

      They are kind and help me to forget the feeling of being writing nonsense!

      Thanks a lot!