Thursday, 11 July 2013


Me, or sort of...

My first discovering as a human being was 'my mind', and my second finding, with amazement, was that it had and has, a dweller from Fairyland, though he, my Elf, states that there is not such place as Fairyland.

At first I was chagrined by his presence, why there was another being living in my inner quarters?

When I asked Elf about that, he laughed and answered: Whose inner quarters? Can't you understand you are a prisoner in this place, doing time for a huge mistake, and should be grateful to have company?.

Prisoner? I said, what does it mean? How come I am a prisoner if I feel freedom running through my neurons?

You deceive yourself, Elf said sadly, you cannot leave your mind and your scarce communication means out of it are small peepholes called pompously The Five Senses.

 This forlorn, Metal music is a fragment of "Mind Prison" by Frank Klepacki.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. You know, there's this thrilling feeling every time I "see" Elf! Well, I think his presence could brighten up an otherwise dull day. If it does make sense! :)

    If I could agree again with Elf, what he said is right when the mind controls everything and our actions come from in there. Without the mind, we'll be like obsolete machines!

    I need not elaborate further cos Elf has mentioned it all.

    Your fiction is food for my mind. This is my first read of the day. Thank you, Od. :))

    1. Hi BB!

      Elf thinks that you cannot make more sense with your opening sentence! Of course, he would, wouldn't he?!

      Yes, even if we do not realise that, we ARE our mind. The rest of the body is just the tool to make MIND revealing itself.

      As always, he cannot avoid being a smart aleck!!

      You are welcome, BB!!

  2. No my friend. You are not the prisoner for sure, it is Elf. Sometimes our mind tends to play tricks on us but don't be deceived as to who is in control.
    Sorry Elf, I do have a heart towards you and you have given my Od Liam so much pleasure but fact is fact. :)

    1. I am relieved with your guarantee that I am not the prisoner in my mind, even if it is true Elf can go out and be back bringing some of his "cousins" with him, and I am not allowed, or at least I do not know how to leave mi mind.

      Elf is pouting in a corner of my mind hall. Refusing to speak... He is just repeating "facts are just illusion!" Go figure! :)

      BTW, have you seen The End II, posted just before this?

  3. This is a very interesting, thought provoking little story. We do things, our mind does things, to help us get through life situations. Your Elf seems to be helping you, and certainly seems to be a creative driving force!

    1. Thank you, McGuffy Ann!

      As I see it, the real entelechy is the mind, as an entity separated from the brain, which is the tool to express it in the world. To be honest this was developed as an idea by Elf! I am not in the knowing, as he, Elf, always care to remember me.

      Yes! my imp is a big help in unnumbered occasions, but he can be a pain in the neck with the same easiness! :)

  4. Wow!!! This is very intriguing. That has sincerely been one of my worst fears. Not an Elf living in my mind but I've always wondered if insane people realize they are insane? It often bothered me growing up that if I were insane or locked inside my mind, I wouldn't know. Family history of mental disorders. lol. I enjoyed this very much!!

    1. Hi Donetta!

      Welcome to my blog!

      You got a huge point here. Elf is ceaselessly telling me that we, human beings, are insane people believing we are very smart!

      Thank you for your kind words!

  5. I think Elf is right we are prisoners in our minds , thought provoking story .

    1. Hello Auntie!

      You're right, and Elf knows us very well! Only it tantalize me his being always right!

      Thank you for finding this tale thought provoking.