Thursday, 25 July 2013


When I realized the Mare was in my bedroom, I was in awe.

 You may think that the Mare was a member of the Equus genus, but if so, you are wrong!

She is a kind of an old succubus, of extraordinary beauty. Female because I am a male.

When she told me she was bringing for me the most absolute Power over the Universe...

...I fought hard to wake up!

The music is a fragment of "Invocation Of The Succubus" by Nachtmahrwalzer.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. LOL..can't help it after reading the last line. You would be able to rule the universe but on second thought, better don't! We need the normal Od here. :)

    Very interesting tale in just a few lines. Believe me, I really love it! :)

    1. Thank you, BB!

      You're right! what can I do ruling the Universe, if I cannot make the block where I live to comply with any of my orders! :)

      But even so, I would not be "normal". I have crooked the mind too much!

      I am very happy you loved the tale!!

  2. Emm, Mare came in night? Dang!

    Dude, nightmare or not, I felt how hard it was for you to fought over...


    1. The problem is that these Succubus are used to sit on your chest, making the taking a decision very difficult! :)

      Watch out for Night-Mares... sometimes they neigh all night long!

      Thanks for coming, dude!

  3. lol. A succubus's wiles are deadly. Wake up!!! ;-O

    1. Yes! They are, but sometimes they are charming, too! :)

      That is why I struggle to wake up! The offer was not the right one! :))

      Welcome to my blog. Thank you for your advice and visit!

      Come back soon!

  4. Lovely tale ,most powerful in the whole universe, I think that is not a bad idea because you are such a good person to rule over the world :)

    1. You pamper me too much, Auntie!

      I guess I won't be any better that anyone else with full power! You know, power makes people go astray, and full power makes them full evil! :))

      Thank you for finding this tale lovely!

      I appreciate your support!

  5. Get that Power Od. Don't be afraid, with it you can change so many bad things of this world. Just imagine: sharing food amongst everyone, sharing the wealth, good housing, good quality food. Don't allow it to slip from your hands. Get back to sleep now...

    BUT, come to think about it, maybe there is a very high price to pay in the long run. Maybe it was better to wake...
    Loved the post :)

  6. Oh yes! I know the many reasons I should state to accept this "gift". But there is always the topic about the source of it.

    Do not let you be deceived by beauty, and trumpery; anything coming from that quarters cannot be but evil.

    And then, I have the issue of my own weakness! No, I think I better let that pass. :)

    Thank you, RPD!

  7. Scary! You definitely made the right choice!

  8. Yes!

    Sucubbi are scary but very charming!

    One must use all the spiritual strength in one's soul to reject their offering!

    Thank you, for your support!

  9. What an strange gift from a Súcubo... I thought that, being such a handsome man as you said you are, she would keep you alive to "torture" you with her lusty comapny whenever she wants.

    Anyways, I'm sure that you'd be a great ruler of the universe if you accepted her treat... ;)

    1. Not such gift, Pris!

      By now, you should know these creatures are marvelous liars!

      I am not saying "I am handsome", I am talking about the extraordinary beauty of the Mare, and her impersonation as a Succubus because I am a male. I agree that even closed between commas, the sentence is ambiguous enough. But I am not such a conceited dimwit as to think I am handsome, or at least would not write it if I do think it! :)))))

      I appreciate your confidence, but I know that power always makes people corrupt, and absolute control, makes you absolutely corrupt.

    2. I was being ironic, Liam. I assume you're not a snooty :)

      And, yes, I completely agree with what you say. Power has the peculiarity of destroying the soul of the human beings.

      Nevertheless, couldn't I trust in you as much as to believe that you wouldn't fell into that sort of nasty corruption? Trying to wake up just because you don't want to be corrupted by an unlimited power, talks marvelously about you, and makes me think that you'd be the right soul to portray that power... (this may sound ironical, too, but it's a true feeling).

    3. Of course you were, Pris! I guess we have reached the phase we can understand each other easily, but that didn't excused the pedestrian way to try and express a confusing idea, and trusting that a pair of commas would make the effect of a correct construction, something taught in the first steps of Literature. I just tried to recognize the poor way the sentence was thought, and written, despite the fact of being limited to five sentences.

      Now, I double appreciate your confidence in my not too good merits. I have always felt I am not to be trusted with too much power, I think I will start to lose ground, if you follow my drift!! :)))))))