Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Kiss of Butterfly

The blue iris daintily opened its petals letting the dawn dew lie down on its corolla.

The fineness of the flower and the sparks of the early light on the purity of the soft tears from heaven attracted a splash of color in a butterfly costume; it landed softly on the clean surface and moved its wings slowly as if trying to comfort the florescence.

Gently Butterfly unfolded its tongue shyly caressing the inner chalice causing a quivering of pollen avid pistils.

While Butterfly quaffed the nectar, the stamens shudder in harmony throwing a fertile cloud over the carpel giving birth to a new generation.

Then in silence as it came, Butterfly flew away satisfied, while the corolla was left nodding softly an appreciative symbiosis...


Fragment of  "Waltz of remembrance" by Prince Kalender.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. So beautifully written! I love so much your poetic descriptions of how the kiss of the butterfly could do something amazing as in the birth of new generations. It's really magical, too!

    You never fail to amaze me with your excellent writings, Od. This is really a refreshing read for me after a day's work. Thank you, Od! :)

  2. Thank you, BB!

    I've never been so much pampered! I am glad to help to refresh you after all a day devoted to working!

    There is no way to be compared to a BB! :))

    Again, thanks to YOU, BB!!

  3. A brilliant piece of music to go with a brilliant post. I could imagine the butterfly gently flying around the flowers, flapping it's wings so softly. A true reminder of the summer that's about to end. You've always got such a way with words, bringing the post alive.

    1. I was delighting my senses with this beautiful waltz, when it occurred to me that the right hand was tracing the path of a butterfly over the flower of a garden. The rest you read on the post.

      So I owe both the beauty of the music and the inspiration of the tale to Prince Kalender!

      Thank you so much RPD!

  4. We need to rely on more than ourselves in life, this is a beautiful illustration of this...a great use of the prompt!

    1. You are right!

      The beauty of life is that we must rely one on another to carry out our duty!

      Thank you so much, Lisa!

  5. Beautiful writing Od , words are just awesome :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      Appreciate your kind words!