Thursday, 19 September 2013

The White Lion

I went to the Hunters' Club, they said there was a gathering to recount member's adventures and I wanted to tell them about my last one, at my arrival there were already several persons waiting to tell their stories, I took my time listening to other people tales, and when there was a lull around the guests, I started, harrumphing:

A few months ago I went to the African savannah looking for a rare white lion the natives mentioned had been seen prowling on the field, my expertise made easy to find the animal, and as I started to raise the gun to my face I heard a low growl to my right, surprised I looked toward the bushes and saw a big white lioness already charging for my throat!

I made a long silence looking at my audience...

Then, one of them could not endure the suspense, and asked in a small voice: How did you escape?

I didn't! I said, while I dissolved into thin air.

The music is a fragment of "Tempting Secrets" from "Incompetech" at by Kevin MacLeod.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. It's so magical. How could you do that? For a moment, I thought you're Houdini!

    Loved this tale. It's so entertaining! You could easily steal the audiences' attention. :)

    Excellently written, Od! :)

  2. It is a farfetched thought that of a ghost coming from Darkness to recount how it got there! :)

    Especially if making a joke of it. But I agree that it would steal the audience attention! :)

    Thank you, BB. I cannot read your comments without a different kind of thrill each time! :(C Yahoo):

  3. That s really interesting, what a "escape":)

  4. It is wrong to kill game just for the fun of it!

    There is an especial place for such "murderers", who must repeat their ordeal eternally!

    If there is not such a belief, I just made it up!! :)))

    Thank you Auntie for your visit and comment!

  5. They call it the Great Escape. I wouldn't dare venture out into the African bush to search for such creatures. I imagine I would be more 'game' for them and quicker to find. I'm sure those lions would play with me for 15 minutes before having a full fat meal, ha ha ha. Man must not mess with beasts. It's dangerous.


  6. I know the African continent only peripherally. I agree I would never be part of a safari. I like commodities too much. Besides, great cats are not too friendly, except on Animal Planet Channel. :)

    About messing with beasts, you must define "beasts" clearly, there are some of them nice enough, I think! :)))

  7. Glories and other side of the coin-

    Aa- the way of telling those tales! Dude, reminds the fun of night-camp-go epic! :))

    1. Welcome back, dude!!

      You are like the scent of roasted marshmallows on embers.

      You come and go, following the wind gusts!!

      Also I can remember night-camp-go!

      Thank you, for the cherished image! :))

    2. Thanks dude- :))

      It's nice to have few friends around when Sun goes down-

      I would love to be sticky, not on embers, but on the other side!! Wind blurred the time those days but I'm getting back!

      Still. Eventually- :))

  8. Ahaa interesting!! Still thinking:) but sure can keep the readers glued...

    1. I would not like to be present in a gathering where one guest ends a story in this way! :))

      Thank you, Epsita.

  9. Yes, you do have a certain way with words that keeps the reader's attention! A different ending than I would have ever thought!

    1. Thank you, K R!

      Knowing your expertise, I am curiouos to learn how would that ending be, and in which way different! I am sure it would be worth learning it! This is the beauty of Literature, there are multitude of possibilities!