Friday, 8 February 2013


Silence in Paradise bears out its vacuity.

The Fire Sword at the Entering Gate prevents the coming back of the old dwellers.

A century and another century must go by during seven aeons and one aeon before the dream ends and humankind in its own essence leaves the exile of Reality.

And by that time when Adam pronounces the name Eve, there will be not the echo of «Lilith» in his soul.

© 2013 Od Liam.

"Adam, Eve and the serpent", picture from the XV Century.
"Adam and Eve Evicted from Paradise", by Gustave Doré.
Pietro Mascagni, Cavalleria rusticana - "Intermezzo"


  1. After reading this fable, I could picture what it's like. But I'm drawn towards the last paragraph. That's life, right? And it has to go on.

    There's much to learn from this fable. A nice write-up. :)

    1. This is life, and some of the "stories" that surround it.

      Maybe the last sentence is the key to the riddle, that is, finally mankind will cease in its rebellion and learn to dwell in the House.

      Thank you, BB!!

  2. Yep, poor Adam. That's how long it takes to get a woman out of your system!

    1. RPD, remember that Lilith is no woman!

      That's why it is so difficult to eliminate it from our system, both genders!

      Eve, is a woman and she is very difficult to be taking from our (male) system, firstly because the remnant from Lilith, but more importantly because they are a rib we cannot do without! :))