Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Moon Requiem

Dawn walked into the day with the usual sure radiance.

Light was an irreducible master about to take control.

The last tendrils of nights imagined a small and losing battle against the hordes of minute points of brilliance that were coming by myriads into the space, but it was just a figment of imagination, there was not manner to stop the glory of the day. 

They retreated letting the dark overgarment that concealed the indistinct bluer tint of every inch of  the sky cede into the light blue of the new day, followed by night creatures looking for their lair to protect them until the new night opened its doors to darkness .

Only the Moon resisted these last moments of life, calling her ultimate efforts to help her vanish in a regal requiem holding her memory till the next moment when Light will be lost under the always impartial horizon.

Her last sparks gleamed with the splendor of the goddess that she is...

The music is "Moon Requiem" composed and performed by Zero-Project.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Yes only moon could resist after the night is vanished,may be for some time but she tries her best to leave her marks.
    Again a wonderful story friend .

    1. Thank you, auntie!

      You always encourage me with your warm words!

  2. but its just a matter of time before she can reclaim her throne in all it's glory,
    Soon the light will give way and darkness will loom!

    1. This is the perfection of a simple arrangement.

      You just need an Universe and things working out timely!

      Then you can sit, watch, and wonder... in all the meanings of the word!

      Thank you, Nina!

  3. it's such a beautiful thing how balanced nature is-there's the night and the day, there's light and darkness, the moon and the sun...and each has it's right to exist

    1. In a way all this represents a sign of Zodiac that keep things balanced in a magic way!

      They need one another to make a whole!

      Thank you for your words, Billy!

  4. Now, where shall I start? What I am going to say is irrelevant but anyway, let me share a few things here. The moon is a symbol of beauty, that’s according to the belief of my people. Its beauty never fails to captivate us and thus, words/phrases to express the moon’s beauty could be found in poems, stories and songs. It is used as a simile to describe a girl’s beauty, for instance, “Her face is beautiful like a full moon.”

    In other contexts, it could mean something like mysterious, unknown, darkness, to mention a few. I can’t talk much on the literary side of it.

    The title and music in this fable bring about a tone of sadness. One’s desire isn’t always fulfilled, let alone desiring one’s presence to be eternal. I am thinking of a horror movie which shows the vampires who are so scared of light (day time). Unfortunately, light prevails over darkness.

    As always, you never fail to amaze me with your well-written stories. One more thing, one could uphold one's right till the very last minute. That's the beauty of it.

    I am taking your time!

    1. The Moon is a symbol of Beauty, also of Chastity, her Pallor is the way to show the world of her Vestal status.

      If you listen to "Casta Diva" an aria from the opera Norma by Vincenzo Bellini, the lyrics by Felice Romani sings the lofty virtue of the daughter of Theia.

      You describe her perfectly, she is the Goddess of night with all its creatures, sad or not. Elf can tell you about how the Gulber, night little cross between fireflies and dragonflies, are beautiful beings that bring love and happiness to the houses that welcome them. And, by far, they are not the only ones.

      Of course, vampires, werewolves, and sorcerers take advantage of darkness to their caddish tricks, but in the final adding of all our numbers, they are very few, and do not change the glory of the night.
      Not even a brief requiem, nor a sad music which will be changed to elated tones in its last sounds!

      My time is yours, so you are taking anything but what belongs to you!