Monday, 25 February 2013


The last sunbeams were running fast into the horizon...

Opening the eyes he felt an immense vacuum that seemed to inhabit his feverish mind.

The sticky taste was around his mouth and  extended far into the throat, it was primary over all other feelings.

The uncomfortable well being, was a surprise. Everything was there, he was complete but... dissatisfied. Thirst was unbearable.

As a flash an image crossed his mind and disappeared; the beast has attacked so suddenly there was not time to think. Surely it was the memory of a nightmare.

He tried to move the body, and it was so easy that it seemed he was already in the new position when it arrived there.

Strange sensation.

He moved, or better, he slid into the bathroom, put the light on and looked into the mirror.

The mirror reflected nothing!

The music is a fragment of the Vampire Song "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Whoa, now that was scary and you got my mind racing to finish this one in my own head. I dare not look in the mirror this morning, just in case!
    Always love the way you put these together especially with the great sound effects Od Liam.

    1. Have you seen the powerful mystery that flows from mirrors!!

      I avoid to look at them... always somebody I never know who is stares me back!

      Thank you, RPD!!

  2. Was it really a nightmare, was he changed in to a human again ? You could write the second part of story .Very different from the other stories of yours .It shows that how versatile you are as a writer.

    1. This comment shows how fruitful your imagination IS!!!

      Yes, in many cases I could expand the story in many ways, but I am always in a hurry to know how it ends, this is why I write short tales! :)

      Thank you for your notion, I do enjoy sipping a little from each glass, risking a hangover!! :))

  3. The last line sent a chill down my spine!

    This is so good, you're very creative, Od Liam :)

    1. You found the ultimate reason to the story!

      That chill justifies every word!

      Thank you, Fahima! You are a great support to my numen. I appreciate it!

  4. I am just wondering why it din't scare me as much as it was supposed to?

    Am I getting braver? or did I anticipate the ending to be even more bloodcurdling?

    1. Hmmm...

      Have you looked yourself in a mirror lately? Who, or what did you see there? :))))

      It is possible your breakfast tea is a bit stronger lately??? :)))

      While reading, maybe, you have given me more credits I deserve!! :)

      Will try to find better endings! Promise!! :)))

    2. oh Odd, I love everything you write and wouldn't miss it for anything! especially since my vocabulary has improved drastically! I feature as a linguistic scholar in front of my friends lately, thanks to you!

      As for the sudden courage, I will stick with the stronger breakfast tea analysis ;-P

    3. Thank you a ton bin-load, Nina!

      You may feature as a linguistic scholar in front your friends, but to give me the credit is a bit of an exaggeration! :))

      I second your motion! The strong tea must be the culprit! :)

  5. Metamorphosis had really taken place if the last sentence could be used to surmise it. Some things happen for a reason, some are hard to explain. The Wh questions will keep playing in my mind.

    This post is intriguing. The descriptions are so well-written. Love it as always. You never fail, Od. :)

  6. Vampirism, as lycanthropy and other ways of make human, better animals, are answer-less questions.

    Elf said that it is a new form of humans to get closer to Fairyland.

    Thank you, BB!!

    You never fail in giving me a ego-booster!!! :)) I do Appreciate it!!