Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Why, Mom?

Why is it, Mom, why is it?
That the mosquito bite and then it flit?
I do not know, Johnny, I do not know,
Maybe because its profile is low!
Then, Mom, why is it?
That it buzz at night when the room is unlit?
I do not know, Johnny, I do not know!
Maybe it thinks is a musician, and has a big ego,
Then Mom, why is it...?
Enough, Johnny, stop asking a bit!
But Mom, if I don't ask with big concern,
How can I all these things learn?

The music is a popular and loosely translated Spanish children song "Rice Pudding with milk" (Arroz con Leche) by an unknown author..

© 2013 Od Liam.

Hereby and publicly I declare this is just a coincidence and it is not my intention to compete with the blog "Easy Way (A Blog For Children) by Aunt Mary. Signed Od Liam. 



    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      It was when I was listening to the children and their parents sang your song that this came to my mind. They were singing a lot of songs and having a good time.

      So, it jumped into my mind and I HAD to write it or burst as a birthday balloon!! :))

  2. It makes me think of Que Sera only the questions are at a different level.

    The first two answers make me laugh. Supposedly, the third answer kills Johnny's curiosity and so is mine! He he

    Children will always be children, full of curiosities as they grow up. That's learning. Sadly, parents are too tired to answer all their questions. Or is it because they have no answer?

    Od, have you ever heard curiosity will kill the monkey? Don't ask me cos I might end up talking nonsense. :) Btw, allow me to share. My elders said the mosquitoes are serenading us at night but of course they (mosquitoes) are in vain!

    I agree with Aunt Mary. There is merriness in the song which brings back childhood memories. :)

    I like the humorous answers in this tale. They come from a humorous mind of the author! Thumbs-ups! :)

    1. Hey, BB!

      I bet you are as Que será describe! :)

      Johnny is a clever boy, if mosquitoes have low profiles why they "serenade" us. I cannot sleep even with one of them 'fluting' away in the room corners!

      Nowadays I think parents have no answers! there are too many things not only children do not understand! :)

      There is a Brazilian girl entertaining who call children "the crazy shorty" (los locos bajitos"), and maybe that craziness is what makes children so special! :) We get too rational when grow up

      Thank you, BB! I appreciate your words!

  3. Children will be children and that's what I love about those innocent little ones. They say that 'curiosity killed the cat' but I say that the cat died clever.
    Mothers or parents - feed the need, answer those questions and educate the babes. It will all pay off in the long run, ha ha ha. Love the crazy tunes, ha ah haha.

    1. Surely, that is the key of the mystery!

      Children are, and will be children while there is a silly idea into their mind! (This makes me think seriously in mine)

      Curiosity killed the cat, the monkey, the magpie or whatever animal live near you, but, as you said, they die clever!

      It will pay off in the long run, but meanwhile it is a heavy duty!!! :))))

      No doubt, if it is coming from a children's mind it should be a crazy tune!

      Thank you for your post, RPD!!

  4. Hello Od Liam I Just hopped upon your blog and found really interesting stuff indeed!
    Nice poem...:)

    1. Welcome to my blog!

      I am glad you found interesting my work!

      Thank you a lot, StudyBuddy Joe!

  5. hahaha, awesome! children are so great, they understand so many things that adults have forgotten over time. it's so important to have the courage to ask questions!!!!!
    and the song is so joyful, I love it:-)

  6. Happy to read you laugh!!! :))

    Children will never stop to astound me with their logic!
    Never fear to ask questions, sometime "very difficult questions". :)))

    This is a nursery song which should name Pudding Rice with Milk but it never mention it. It is zany as it must!!! :)

    Happy you like it!