Sunday, 10 February 2013

Oh, poverty!

The trendy lady was coming my way, it was a good opportunity to ask for alms.

I essayed some smiles staring at me in the shop window of the bake store, looking for one that she could find likable.

As my Grandma always tells me: "Child, you cannot catch flies with vinegar."

I am not sure I understand, but if flies are like me, surely they do not drink vinegar, if vinegar is that water put together with oil on the table.

When she was at my side, I spoke with a firm voice (Grandma tells not to be plangent when asking because that makes people reject you, I do not know the exact meaning, but it seems we must not cry in public), so I spoke with a firm, but underprivileged voice. This I have rehearsed with Grandma, and she was satisfied.

"Can you help me with some coins to buy food, madam?"

Looking down at me from her breastwork of furs, she said:

"Food?". "Is it that you have not breakfasted today?"

"Oh, yes madam", I answered civilly (Grandma advice again), "I drank two cups of tea made with the little bags that Mr. Watson gave us the day before yesterday and we are using since then". I informed her so she could see we are not in total hardship.

The woman arched her made up eyebrows, and while she let drop some coins in my hand, murmured:

"Tea cups..., used tea bags..., What a world!!" Then she seemed to think something and with a brightening face advised me:

"Child, tell your mother", ( the poor thing did not know my Mum is buying some vegetable since two years now, we have no news about her, but we are not worried, she will come back as soon as she finds whatever green she is looking for), "tell your mother to give you a good T-bone with smashed potatoes, instead of tea. It is more nourishing!"

Why people insist in saying words I do not understand?

Several days afterward I saw the furred lady again, I found her just turning a corner, when she saw me, she stopped and asked me:

"Have you eaten T-bones and smashed potatoes, this morning?"

Trying not to disappoint her, I answered politely: "Yes, madam!"

She looked doubtful and asked: "How many?"

This time, doing what Grandma says about always telling the truth, I answered:

"Two cups...!"

The music is a fragment of "End of Love".

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. A smart boy! He knows how to repeat the "script" of his grandma and those words are heart-touching. There is always a polite way of asking for something from others without having to create a scene. I like the line " cannot catch flies with vinegar."

    Loved this story. You always write good ones. :)

    1. Too smart for his own good, don't you think so? :)

      Elf found several "mistakes", and wanted a lot of editing! No way!! :))

      Thank you, BB! I used your word to fight off the sprite! :)

  2. 2 cups of T-bone eh?(sigh!)Sadly, yes, there are children in this world who do not even understand what a T-bone is, let alone eat it for breakfast!
    And again sadly, yes, there are trendy people in this same world who do not even understand what 'poverty' is!

    Yet another wonderful woven story with a beautiful message!

    1. Cute, ain't it? :) You right, we never learn to understand other people, it seems to be too difficult, or we are to lazy!

      Thank you, Nina! you elate my heart with your comment.

      And don't worry about grammar or lexicon, just let it be happy, we understand and if not we ask. I have a tale developing in my mind about this subject. Will see what is it going to develop into! :)

  3. Dear Od Liam a very well written story .The message has been sent successfully :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      You know a lot about children, so your opinion is very important for me! :)

  4. Dear Od Liam,
    I have nominated your wonderful blog for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD.
    You can check the details on my blog. :)

    1. Thank you, auntie!!

      Appreciate your having thought in my work!