Friday, 23 August 2013


The tunnels seemed to be longer and narrower with time, the flow appeared to be slower, but my brothers and I kept going about our task.

Sometimes, the work of delivering energy to our targets could be difficult.

Undoubtedly, aging is a troublesome process.

Free at last of my cargo, my trip back is lighter and faster.

This is the best part of my job, reaching the vast cavern where I fill again with the oxygen I distribute along the body.

The music is a fragment of "Cries and Whispers" from the OST of the Korean movie "Oldboy"

© 2013 Od Liam.



  1. Everything seems a little tougher as you get older but that globule must have fun whizzing throughout the body day and night, pushing past other globules in the process trying to get it's work done, until one day it's job finally comes to an end with slowness of flow. Then finito.

    1. You know, RPD, this extreme constriction of feelings while you get older, it is a contraption to make the soul pass through the real Life valve, after that, as in the case of gasses your senses will expand into infinity!

      That's when globules gives the ghost and became alive!

      Of course, from the viewpoint of the reverse fabric it looks like 'finito'. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I dare say... I do feel the same when writing.

      You are right, but micro-tales are close up specimens, if you trespass their length, they lose splendour; if you are too brief, they lose meaning.

      Thank you for your kindness. Welcome to my blog, come again, and feel at home.

  3. How beautiful you described it, Od, on how the 'fuel' of life works and over time, the passages it goes through become narrower. Well, there are unwanted deposits that had lined up along the way making it work harder in fulfilling its task. Have we ever thought to make it more easier for 'it' to work? But life is too beautiful, what with those scrumptious food beautifully presented right in front of our eyes? Temptation is too great!

    I love your line, "aging is a troublesome process." It's like a machine that needs lots of spare parts to keep it moving. There is a high price to pay. :)

    Thought provoking post. Loved it as always! And the music, it's too bee-autiful! :)

    Have a great weekend, Od! :))

    1. It seems so easy, and a too well known process that we lose the real perspective: It is a wonderful world where things like that of carrying life through the body are done for so many years in a human being!

      Even if we do have great temptations that assault our senses and our health. :)

      Thank you, BB! your words are bee-autiful!! :))

      Have a great time all the days of your life! ^..^

  4. Now that's a different take on travel - but a fitting one!

  5. Amazing the way our mind gives sense to a simple word.

    Thank you K R Smith!

  6. How in the world did you get the idea to write about this? It's like trying to make literature out of atoms... (and I'm sure you could).

    It's taking the boring part of the nature and creating a little tale with it (you could be a good teacher, you know?).

    In some moment, don't know why, the image of Sisifo came to my mind...

    1. You open my mind to a new way to "see" things!

      Why should we must ban atoms from Literature? :))

      Thank you for the confidence you have in my skills. It is a kind of ego booster! :)

      Sisyphus was justly punished with a senseless work, globules on the other hand, even if they seem to repeat the same thing again and again, are always giving new life...

      Unless I have lost some meaning in Sisyphus' tragedy!

  7. After reading the comment, I knew that you were going to like that of the atoms :) . If you write something, I hope to have the chance to read it.

    You haven't loose the sense of the tragedy!
    When Sisyphus came to my mind, I didn't look the reason of the punishment, but the punishment itself. The way the globule has to go through the lungs, take oxigen, distribute it all over the body, and then back to the lung to repeat the cycle, it made me remember the frustrating work that Sisyphus was condemned to do all the time. It's something that shocks me, because I think it's one of the worst punishment ever: not to die, but being unable to do anything but a useless labor (sometimes, people makes you believe that's life itself, a sorrow chain of rutine that leads us unbearably to the very end ...)

    1. You're right!

      Sometime the trite way life develops around us seem to tell us the pointless of life and the deceiving siren song of our so much believed "reality".

      Maybe, this conundrum will be sorted out at the end of time!
      Meanwhile, we are still pushing our rocks up the steep slope of our life.