Thursday, 15 August 2013


There have been too much light lately.

I was blessed by discovering this attic, a dim, warm place where to find solace, stillness, and silence.

I can call it home!

The suave, rich smell of the wool makes life worth to be lived.

Now, I must think about a family, this place is a Moth's dream!

The music is a fragment of "Moth Ride" by LEXX.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Yes, the attic is a moths dream for sure. They can thrive for a lifetime turning our items into ruins until disturbed by us humans. Now, where did I stash those moth balls?
    Nice Post Od Liam.

    1. Tell me the truth, RPD, if you entrusted a thing to the attic, do you remember it again, or it just languish in there till the house is condemned?

      If most of the things go "up there" to be out of the way forever, why fight a poor moth who just want to go into the family way? :) :) :) :) (Just kidding)

      Thank you, RPD! Appreciate your words!

    2. Oh yes, some things are so precious that you can't have them on display and you just want to keep them safe, like a gift for the family when you eventually pass. Then Mr Moth rears it's old eating head and destroys your heirloom, so to speak. So, I'm still looking for those balls, ha ha ha.

    3. OK, you may rest your case!

      I only want to see you throwing those moth-balls to the unaware moths, and see how many you get! :))))

  2. Isn't it nice to find a place called home - a place like no other? Nice fiction. :)

    1. I am still looking for "home", BB!

      It is nice to find it, but I am afraid it is not that easy.

      Thank you, BB! you always make my day!!

  3. It is an amazing fiction Od , very well written :)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!

      Your support is priceless!

      I always feel good reading your comments!

  4. Lucky me
    I call my blog=my home! :)

    Nice fiction, Od!

  5. There is no place like home!

    Welcome AuL. I appreciate your visit.

    Thank you for your words.