Thursday, 8 August 2013


Auggie was exhilarated.

The first time out on the country field, so many things to discover and investigate, for a city slicker, he considered to be a lucky dog!

Yes, look, over there is a strange sight, never seen it in town, it was black with a white stripe, and it can move by itself!

What is it doing? showing its rear and lifting its tail...

Aaagh... aagh... can't see, can't breath...Aaagh... Aaagh

The music is the Looney Tunes Show Song of Skunk Funk.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1.'s not toy to play with, Auggie! Can't imagine the smell from the skunk that made him breathless. That's really a hard lesson to learn.

    Love this short and humorous story. :)

    1. Not toy! You are right, BB!

      You better do not imagine the scent a skunk can present you with! :)

      Thank you! You are a real support! I appreciate it!

  2. No, no, no! Gosh I'm glad we don't have skunks over here...I know my dog would investigate to her peril!

    1. Welcome Lisa!

      Yes, I agree it is better not to have those "cute" little skunks around, especially if you have a pet.

      Dogs are the favourite target for these smelly customers due to the natural curiosity canines have for other animals.:)

      Thank you for your visit.

      Come back soon!

  3. Oh my days, once bitten, twice shy. I'm sure Mr Dog won't be investigating those black and white things again, ha ha ha. What a shock to the system that must have been and I bet the dog stunk for hours...

    1. You bet, RPD!

      The poor mutt was reeking for a whole week!

      A high price for a bit of curiosity... :)

  4. Dear Od Liam,
    Oh My God! Poor dog! I wish it had known that that white and black thing is a skunk.:)
    Very nice, short and funny story, Od. I loved it!! :)

  5. Hello Auntie!

    I guess the poor little thing is still regretting not have had a lesson about unknown things (this being the first), but you know how dogs are, they like to investigate everything, that is why they go well with human beings. :)

    Thank you, Auntie. I am very happy you like it!

  6. Haha! Loved this!!! Very clever!!

    1. Welcome, Melanie!

      Thank you. I appreciate your words and I am so glad you like it!

      Come again, please!

  7. Love the title and wondered what I was in for. An hilarious little tale but I do feel for the poor pooch. x

  8. Hello Lizzie!

    It is an ominous title! :)

    You are right, we can get a laugh from this, but I do not want to be in the pooch's skin. :)

    Thank you for your comment, and your visit!

  9. Pepe Lepew has not patience for city slickers. Come into his comfort zone and you can count on spray refreshment.

    1. Hello Dobson!

      Mais oui, Pepe Le Pew est toujours le copain romantique française; pauvre Pénélope!

      He would not accept a 'No' as an answer! :)

      But, he has also a bad temper, so beware of his rump! :)

      Happy to have you visiting my blog! Thank you!

  10. Replies
    1. You can say that!

      The poor Auggie learned his lesson the hard way!

      Sometimes that happens to us... :)

  11. Poor doggy!!! Hope that didn't traumatize Auggie, and that it still enjoys the open field...

    1. How many times, we, human made the same mistake!

      Auggie went back to the city where he belongs! I wager he never forgot this experience! :)

      Thank you, for feeling sorry for him, he is a good dog!