Friday, 26 December 2008

Do you open your eyes?

Silly question!! Of course I open my eyes!

Not that silly, blind people open their eyes, too.

It does not warrant you see. It only prove you can exercise your eyelids muscles.

Reality is less real than it tries to make us believe, and it is only because we are trying to understand the system we live in with our brains, which are part of the very system.

Something like if we would try to lift our body taking it from our ankles. You must be outside the system to have a chance to change it somehow.

How about having a mind outside the brain? outside the system. Yes, it could be useful but there is a catch. This mind must use the brain as instrument to its designs and then, in we go into the system again!

Beautiful! so we cannot "understand" our reality. Maybe, to make it clear and following the best way of Univac and in its metallic voice we hear the question: "Define «understand»"

Under stand: To be upright on one's feet on something which is below, a base.
To have a support for knowing.

There is no way we can have a support for knowing reality.

We can only "know" reality from the information we receive from our five senses into our brain, and you know they, the senses, are unreliable and it, the brain, is judge and part.

How near is near?, how warm is love? How silly am I? What color is your time?

All this seems so inconsistent, I can touch things and people, I can feel feelings, that "must" be reality!, then again, I can have dreams which are so "real" I can vow they really happened.

Conclusion: We can experience reality, we cannot understand it.

Science says it can "understand", can it? or does it only "interpret" it?

Words, again we are in the need of definitions. The never-ending game of life!

"Torn Apart" Piano beat by Dansonn

© 2008 Od Liam.

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