Saturday, 27 December 2008

Elf and I (or would it be better: Him and me?)

I said aloud:

"There is this theory about the 'chance electron', or more scientifically said 'accidental electron'".

Elf, of course
Elf, who live in my mind looked flabbergasted, which is a very uncommon occurrence since he always seems to know everything. Trying to gain some foothold before I were overruled by the little imp and his theories I pressed on:

"Have you heard about it?"

Even if it was evident he has not heard about it, he recomposed rapidly and interposed:

"It is nothing, really!"

I felt chagrined, would this creature never recognize not knowing everything?

"Oh Ok", I taunted him, "then it is not worth to discuss it".
No answer.
"It was interesting anyhow", I proceed.

Darn his socks! I thought this aside and very low, "punning" my pun!. Sometimes it is difficult to speak to myself without his meddling. I did not want him to hear me.

"Are you there?", I gave up at last. "Why the silence?"
"Just meditating", he said.

Meditating, meditating! Where, by the wood of the main door to hell, does he find these long breathed words! What have he against thinking? Not the same? Ok, but I bet he doesn't know the difference, either!

"What about?" as always he was getting on my nerves!
"The accidental electron theory". This dropped nonchalantly!
"Tell me about it", I said and thought: "Gotcha!"
"No", he retorted, "you better spin the yarn so I can make corrections when needed".
There you are, I will never win! He knows me better. Sometimes I think he knows my thoughts before I think them!

"Ok", I said, "lets see, it all begin with..."

"Wait", he interrupted, and settled down between two of my ideas, sinking in the spot as if it were a soft armchair, "close here and start anew".

So I am doing...

We are listening to "Marriage d'Amour" by Paul de Senneville

© 2008 Od Liam.

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