Monday, 29 December 2008

What!? Out!?

...the silence in my mind woke me up.

"Am I still asleep?", I asked myself, then I saw daylight by the windows and heard the usual sounds going on in the house, but...

... in my mind, SILENCE, a terrifying stillness, not a single note of "Vesti la Giubba" or "E lucevan le Stelle" in the shivery voice of the Elf; after so long with him living in there I was so much used to all the ruckus produced by this unrestrained imp that the unexpected stillness upset me deeply!

I started to run around my mind, looking under some notions scattered on the floor, looked about the archives and the files with crescent alarm, even disturbed some ideas, arranged alphabetically and with a small tag reading: "tbust" (to be used "somewhen" tomorrow, this is Elf doing, his concept of order and time, go figure!), and there was no sign of Elf!

With all the strength of my silent mindvoice I cried: "EEEEEEEELF!" I was frantic!! and in despair.
The noise I was doing almost makes me lose the small sound reaching up from far away: "cooomiiing!"
What's that? coming? how come? coming from where?, my mind is surrounded by solid walls, as any other mind! He could not be coming, he should be into! I was reasonably sure he was not inside my mind.
It is a very cluttered mind (Elf doing, not mine), I had wandered from wall to wall several times looking for the wretched goblin and could not find him. Then again, how he came in the first time? I assumed he was born here! I was totally confused!

Then from far away the little voice, this time a bit stronger: "coomMIING!" and lo! from a obscure recess of the far wall there appears the familiar small shape of my Nemesis.

"You!" I stuttered, "you, little, short piece of a small, wretched son of a pistol!"
Sometimes I can be very creative in my abuse.

"Where have you been hiding, how can you hide into my mind?! I run the whole darn thing up and down and you move so fast I couldn't find you!"

"Steady, dud!", he said, "you'll work yourself into a heart condition!"

"I want to make a sailor knot with your skinny neck!"

"Hey man", he countered, "what makes you think you own me?! I can do whatever I want and it is no business of no one...!" (He sounded angry, and when angry he forgets his grammar, if he has ever learned one!)

I had to recognize he was right, my anger came from the belief that he has gone forever. Can you believe it? I like the miserable little fellow!

"Ok, ok", I said letting down steam, "but where were you hiding?"

"I wasn't..."

"How come?"

"Now, I shouldn't be saying this to you but the one who cannot leave his mind is you. I can go out into another mind to visit my cousins living there. Or go out to the Universe at large and visit some other... well, let's say, people."

"You kidding!"

"No, I am not!!!"

Angrily he took the biggest idea he found at hand and wrapped it around his little figure leaving me alone and totally confused.

He said, he was out! Out! Is it possible...?

We are listening to a fragment of the song "Alone" by Kenny G.

© 2008Od Liam.

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