Monday, 29 December 2008

The accidental electron

Elf sat comfortably between two of my best thoughts. Since I discovered him living in my mind, he always uses the best sites to place himself.

"Ok", Elf said, "go ahead and tell me about the accidental electron."

I almost pointed to this gaffe saying:

"So you do not know about it", but knowing he would find an answer for his blunder just ordered my thoughts, avoided his mass, picked up the thought at his left and started:

"In the beginning..."

"You sound biblical", prompted the goblin.

"Stop interrupting me!" I yelled at his presence.

He just spread his hands soothing my axons.

"Well", I went on, "in the beginning Earth was a primeval soup, magma and lava boiling in a unique mass of fire. Awesome storms bellowed from the foggy sky accompanied by furious lighting and growling thunder."

"In this hellish place under an indescribable atmospheric pressure a few atomic particles found a way to get together creating a plasma, drifting in the soup, handled by incredible strong forces interacting with it."

"It was just a detached piece from the soup but nothing more, the only difference was structural, a mindless form in a mindless medium."

"And then..."

"What!, what!", cried the irrepressible imp.

"Then, a thunderbolt pierced the charged atmosphere of the planet disrupting the tenuous tissue of gases forming the space between molten rock and heavy sky, it discharged an immense quantum of energy just over the small plasma which was squashed by an accidental electron expelled by the blast that immediately disarranged and rearranged the atomic relationship of the plasma and surrounded it with a new and qualified environment not known until this very moment. In this new havoc and as direct effect of the incredible amount of energy discharged plus the chaotic characteristics of Earth at the moment, this chance electron was capable of creating a frightful and wonderful new being."

"Now there was a mindless medium but alone, floating in the atrocious surface of the planet, there was LIFE ready to climb up the stairs of evolution."

Elf was dazed.

It was the first time I saw him speechless, he couldn't find a word to show he knew what I was telling him or worse yet, invent some flourish commentary to make me feel he knows everything.

"But, but", he stammered. After a terrible effort he could just blurt the first thing coming into his mind, if he has one.

"But, but where was God?"

"God?" I query..., "I do not know", I added nonplussed, "maybe He was throwing down the thunderbolts!"

Khachaturian's "Masquerade: Waltz" by London Symphony Orchestra and Stanley Black.

© 2008 Od Liam

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