Wednesday, 24 December 2008


This is the insane side of the mind, you expostulate, discuss, argue, convert ideas in weapons to use in the skirmishes held with your alter ego, in my case Elf, who lives in my mind since I remember but who has secrets of his own that I cannot fathom! He is not a Tolkien's Elf, quite the contrary, he is small, ugly, troublesome, and very much alive, but you will see him in the blog.

This meddlesome character maintains he belongs to a race with a mission: to live in human minds to check and steer them into the right path, whatever it is!, he claims he is the voice that crieth in the wilderness of my mind pointing to wrongness when I deviate my steps from rightness; as the bodysnatchers did every time they found a “clean” body.

If nothing else, the lively experience of discussion with this goblin will give you knowledge on how to handle very difficult subjects that not always you can discuss openly with other humans beings and will broad your mind, if you let it do so, not forgetting the funny side that will entertain you no end.

This wonderful waltz by Dmitry Shostakovitch, is a real company for the text.

© 2008 Od Liam.

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