Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Legend of the ceibo tree

The conquistador marches with steady pace over the littoral. There is almost no defense for the decimated tribe. The warriors cling together around the lifeless body of the last chieftain. What can they do? Who can take command?

From the back of the forest a small figure condensed itself in front of the group, it is almost a girl yet. With a grieving countenance she approached the body while the surly men make room for her, she kneels and laying a flower on the dead chest exclaims in a high voice: "Your death would not remain unpunished, father!". The worried men looked each other, a question in their eyes, how? what promise can make this little young woman when no one of them feels confidence in their forces? But the girl stands and with the arm high over her head cry: Revenge!

The men feel they are dragged by a new power, now they will teach a lesson to the invader. The push emanating from the small girl reached out compromising the strangers' faith in their strength, daring and courage are loyal companions of our little heroine.

The conquistadores are powerful, finally they capture the indomitable little woman and seeking to teach a lesson to the rebels decide end her life cruelly in the stake. A twiggy weak tree, leafless and opaque is to serve as stake. The night looks impassible the terrible torment and an astounded dawn saw that the fire and the feminine body turned into a red corolla that crowned the tree and transformed it in a living memory of a brave soul when over the ground rises a ceibo in flower!

Sweet guarania that remembers the heroic "Anahi", the heroine of this tale sang by Amambay Cardozo Ocampo.

© 2008 Od Liam.

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