Sunday, 10 March 2013

Imperfect Future

I saw her the first time on March 1940, she was leaving the Cathedral wrapped in her little and boring gray scarf.

I was overwhelmed by her innocent beauty that was not only something physical but flowed from her own womanly aura. I tried to come near her but she disappeared in the crowd with short and quick steps.

The second time I saw her was just a glimpse of her gentle body through the glass of a passing bus.

The third time, I was off-guard opening the door of a cab when she got down from the car and the surprise was so complete that when I recover she has lost herself into a group of people walking out of a theater.

Years went by ungraceful, ruthless, and the fourth time I saw her was in the rest house for old people we share in Columbus City.

We are listening to a fragment of "Mission Impossible", from the soundtrack of the homonymic film.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. She came , she touched his heart and disappeared.
    Time is cruel it does not stop for any one.
    Again a magical story OD.

    1. Time is the wand of a sorcerer. It can make things change in almost no "time"! :)

      The ache or the glee is in the soul, don't you think?
      Time is so indifferent! :)

      Thank you, Auntie! you always support me!! I appreciate it!

  2. We grow up with time since the first cry when we were delivered into this world. But we don't know what time has in store for us. Who's able to predict what the future would be? We keep growing up in the seasons of time till one day we land somewhere at a place lest expected; losing the comfort of life we used to have once, actually losing everything that had been our pride and joy. Whatever we have doesn't last. How imperfect he journey of life is when reaching a certain stage the days gone by are nothing more than sweet memories.

    On another note, I feel as if this is the case of unfulfilled dream of meeting someone that had been dragging over the years till the vigour of life is towards its end. This is just my critical appreciation and personal view.

    You're philosophical this time. Loved this post! :)

    1. I would like to agree with the possibility of sweet memories, but in my case, at least, there is a blend of sweet and bitter memories with a slight slant toward the last!

      We gain, we lose, but it is not time the responsible of these things, but our own desires, which can pursue a notion through years.

      Thank you, BB, for your opinion, it is a clear support for my person and work.

      Isn't it normal to be philosophical as we grow older? :)

  3. Od Liam

    That was very sad and beautiful at the same time.

  4. Thank you, Michelle!

    It is sad, yes, but in a way it is a homage to love!