Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I do hate it very deeply,
because it moves me so!
Grips tight, do not let go,
values my soul so cheaply,
turns me in a way so bleakly.
It flatters me, my soul dilate
It always tempts me to overrate,
my truth, and my rights,
my reason, and my might!,
that's the reason I hate, HATE.

We are listening to a fragment of "A time for Us" from the Phantom of the Opera written by Andrew Lloyd Weber, and played by Georges Davidson.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Sadly, it dwells in one part of our hearts. Then again, when something is hated for all the troubles and nuisances it causes, I think that's when it's ok to hate it.

    Very nicely written poem and nice song, too. :)

    1. I am not a very clever thinker about these deep subjects that transcend the superficial side of human beings. I only found in time that we must never hate, anything, anyone, because the outcome of hate is pain and destruction of the hater. But this is only the idea of a very poor thinker. You see I should not hate Hate, but it is my losing battle. Your understanding makes my soul glow.

      Thank you, BB I am very happy you like the poem. The music is great, all the Phantom is beautiful. A love story beyond physical things!

  2. Very nice, I loved the last line ;)

    1. Thank you, Auntie!!!

      I wish I could be hate free! It is one of my aims in life!

  3. Clever poem.

    I like the first line. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Thank you, Michelle!

    That very line is my worst shame! :) I should use the greatness that all souls have received as gift to forget even hate... only it is bit difficult. :)

    At least I could channel this ugly feeling against an idea, and hope will be easier to reject!

    That last line is the core of the complaint!

  5. Loved this poem Od Liam. Hate can be a very overwhelming part of us, that we need to keep in check or let go of. Hate can be very enticing if we're not careful too. And "that's the reason I hate, HATE", lovely ending too.

    1. Thank you, RPD!

      Hate was a very heavy load I had to learn to discharge from my being, ounce by ounce. I lost a very dear person and very untimely, so I started to hate, Dawn, Sun, Moon, and everything that brought any implicit life! It was unjust, my Hate told me, why there are those beautiful things on Earth, and I must go into this frightful tunnel. I was wrong! Hating only brought more suffering. Hence the poem!

  6. hate-even the word sounds creepy. I don't like it, neither the feeling of it, but I surprisingly kind of related to the poem...maybe because I once felt hate too and your words describe the feeling so well that I've been reminded of past times...

    1. Yes, Billy! Hate sounds and is creepy.

      I am not surprised you feel related to the poem. If you felt raw hate as I did, as I wrote in the answer to RPD, you won't forget it easily. It takes a big effort of will to learn to live again, and let Fate do its work.