Saturday, 2 March 2013

Quantum Mechanic

Small Gadget

The music is a fragment of "Consumite Furore" from the game "Phantasmagorias" under supervision of Mark Seibert.

© 2013 Od Liam.


  1. Small gadget could do wonders and essential for bigger inventions. It marvels me.

    You wrote so wittingly. My turn to stretch my neck to see the last word. May I say, the font is an instance of what microcosmic is all about.

    This is a very nice read for me this evening. Thank you, Od, for sharing a brilliant post. :)

  2. Small gadgets get most of our technology!

    Do not come too near. Microcosmic World is as a Black Hole, it tries to get you through the singularity! :)

    Thank you, BB! You always boost my sense of pride!

  3. ugh!! Quantum Mechanics - Never understood it and doubt if I ever will!! Schrodinger, Plank, etc - I hate them for making my school life difficult. :D

    "And I will be famou..."
    He didn't get to finish the word, did he?
    Quantum Mechanics devours everyone. I just know it! LOL

    1. It is more the noise than the pecan-nuts they broke!

      Schrödinger invented a cat that can be alive and dead at the same time, but he could not explain reasonably why! Plank was over several very high Pernod-Absinthe glasses, this permitted him to visualise how a Higgs muon can interact with a "charm" quark, something similar to comments in a post! :))

      Na!!! I am kidding!! They knew what they were doing and telling, only they had to invent a new Lexicon to express their ideas! Nobody knows where is that Lexicon! :))

      That is right, QM can create a singularity and swallow you into its Universe! Beware!! :))

  4. Quantum Mechanics, way over my head.

    Congratulations on being nominated for the VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD over at Nina's blog. Nothing: The Inspirer!

    1. Oh, then all you have to do is climb on a chair or a table and sink your head into it! :)))

      Truly these things are really way over our heads. A life dedicated to study it is not enough! Ask Stephen Hawking, and company! Poor guys, they think they found the answer, at last, and a decade ahead they are denying everything and starting all over again from square one!

      Thank you for your warm words, Michelle!!